Outdoor cam frustration & advice

I tried to send this reply to a email sent by the founders of Wyze explaining there will be a shortage products because of silicon shortages. The email was not delivered. So I post here to voice my frustration with my Wyze outdoor cam and base station

I see this is a no reply email. But just in case you are monitoring this. Here goes. I bought a wyze outdoor cam last year when they were offered pre market. It has never functioned adequately. It alerts and sends notifications when nothing is captured. It is impossible to use the microphone and converse with someone outside the house. When it does capture an event its when the person or animal is leaving and almost out of site. In replay event mode the video sometimes will start to play for 1 or 2 seconds and then freeze. My advice is quit rolling out new products until you get present products debugged. The price of the cam was great. Maybe i am getting what I paid for.

Jerry Britt

You might get more of a response if you post in the “ask the community” Make a new post or copy and paste this one you already made. Put it here as a new post:

or call Wyze . In your post you should state what device you are using, android or IOS, which version of app you have, version of the base firmware and camera firmware. Have you updated the app and firmware lately?