Outdoor cams Live freezes after 20sec then resets

Here are my current troubleshooting steps to try to remediate outdoor cams utilizing a base station that freeze every 20 seconds then reconnects.
This has been happening the last few weeks. Good Luck this appears to be firmware related.
#1 All firmware updates are up to date on all 3 cams and the base has been updated and rebooted. All firmware says its current in the app.
#2 The cams are fully charged
#3 The base station has been repowered 3 times and moved right next to the cams.
#4 I have also connected an ethernet cable directly to the base station and have the same issue.
#5 I have cleared the cache and rebooted
#6 I have 3 bars on all the cams at all times
#7 I have formatted the sd card on the cams

8 I have rebooted the wireless router and the cable modem numerous times

9 I have turned off 1 of the outdoor cams and whichever cam is used has the same issue.

#10 I have read numerous posts that suggests this is a known issue
#11 I have turned off all motion detection on the cams
#12 detects motion turned off
#13 turned off notifications
#14 advanced settings = night vision mode = Auto

15 I do have an older cam wyze cam 3 that does not use the Wyze outdoor cams controller that seems to show live events without disconnecting every 20 seconds.

16 Pinging wyze.com shows 16 -19 ms from a computer. which is only relevant from the fact that my broadband/ISP latency is minimal.

#17 The base station firmware is up to date.
#18 Yes I do have an open support case with WYZE


@jarntso1 Yes this has been an issue since app. 2.48 was put into use. Read this post and there are a few more.
Live feed freezing
Outdoor cams freezing and shutting off

And this is another issue you should know about. Welcome to the forums.

I have the same problem with the wireless camera freezing every 20 seconds!! I’m somewhat glad that I’m not the only one! Hopefully they fix the problem!!! Currently I have the camera on my lap shut off not knowing what else to try!!! So glad I came in here. I’ll just leave it alone for now!

Try this it worked for me.
Go to setting on your iOS device, find the WYZE app and turn off Local Network.

All hail @Antonius !

Turning local network off corrected the issue!

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@zimmie57 needs the hailing, It was originally posted in the other thread about this issue. I was just passing it along. I have no idea what the Local network does or does not do. :rofl:

Aww shucks. I just hope this works for everyone having the problem. 16 hours here and no freezing video. Weather is still freezing though.

Probably one of the new security features in the 2.48 app made things FUBAR, that is what I think because it started after I updated the app.
60 degrees and wet/cloudy here. :upside_down_face:

Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. Only turning on the mic made it so the WCO V2 livestream not freeze

From Support,
They have acknowledged there is an issue :slightly_smiling_face: here is the reply from WYZE.

I understand how crucial it is for your outdoor cameras to function seamlessly, and I want to assure you that our team is actively working on addressing this concern through a firmware update. We acknowledge that this issue is on our radar, and we have a comprehensive list of trending issues scheduled for resolution in the upcoming firmware update.

Applied a new firmware update for my outdoor camera’s this morning.
Rebooted each one .
Appears that both outdoor cams are streaming at 57kb-140kb with no disconnects.
One clarification in this post…this is not IOS - My phone is android.

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You mean the new firmware for the base station?

I believe it was just the actual outdoor cam firmware that was updated. When you choose the camera it says there’s a new version of firmware available, do you want to update ? I said yes and it updated both of my cameras, I rebooted both cameras just to be sure the patch was applied correctly and nothing resident in cache and it’s been working all morning.

I don’t know what firmware you were on before but the cam firmware was last updated on 6 November 2023. The base has a new firmware which I installed today. Are you using a Beta firmware?
Latest WCO v1 firmware is
latest WCO v2 firmware is

The cams have version Wyze cam outdoor currently and are streaming good …2 cams total
The base station has on it …This controls only the 2 cams

I have a Wyze cam 3 which has never had this issue it has This authenticates directly into my wifi.

Hope this helps

I have not had a streaming issue with the four WCO since I turned off local network on my iOS devices. Never had any issue with my four V3 or one V3 Pro.

My WCO V1 is now wyrking dj

base station