Outdoor Cam V2 stops connection when unplugged from USB

Outdoor Cam V2. Firmware connected to Base Station Firmware Camera reports as offline and can’t be reconnected when placed outside. It has been in the same spot since 05-06-2023 and working as expected until about 2 weeks ago. Wyze app reports camera battery at 100%. I brought the camera inside and plugged it into USB and all of a sudden, it’s online again. Shows 98%, so I let it charge to 100% again. With the app open, I unplug the camera so I can observe the feed as I walk it back to it’s location and as soon as it’s unplugged, the image freezes and the camera stops responding. Try to power it up via the app button and it tries to connect a few times then reports that the camera is offline. I plug it back in and it’s working again. Unplug it it quits, plug it in, it comes back on. I’ve reset the camera, I’ve reset the base station to no avail. I have another Outdoor Cam V2 connected to the base station and it works as expected. I’d be hella interested in what the collective thinks the issue might be.

Try this: Force close your Wyze app. Go outside and switch the cam off. Bring it inside and plug in while still turned off. When the red LED changes from blinking to solid, unplug, take the cam back outside, switch it on, wait a minute or two so it can reconnect to base station. Fire up the Wyze app and attempt to live stream.