All Outdoor Cams Failing at Once

Right now I have 3 outdoor cams all suddenly non responsive in the app and all losing charge rapidly, one I had to shut off as the low battery alert went off, One still records an event, but all are not loading in the app, my V2 is working fine. This is unbelievable! My Pan, my V3 and a 4th outdoor cam all quit working properly recently also, I have to say 3 now looking like 6 Wyze cams all going down… I have to say Wyze is looking like absolute JUNK!

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Reboot your wifi
System,then sign out of app then. Back in

I am having same issue with my 3 outdoor cams. I have rebooted the cameras as well as my modem and they are still showing offline, blinking blue. They were fine yesterday and no issues with any of my v2 or v3 cams inside.

Did you update the Base firmware in the last few days? Looks Like it was paused again for the second time. I’m still using the November 2021 firmware for base and cams without issues. Did you power cycle the base also?

I am on the latest base station firmware and rebooted it. For now, it seems to be working and the outdoor cams are online.

Jeb Sundgren

That’s is good news (“For Now”) .

Well I disconnected the base station just after posting this for a bit and plugged the power back on, all cameras working, they totally drained charge in mere hours. Cameras seem to be holding charge as normal