Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 battery 18%, light solid red even if I switch it off

Hoping someone can help… Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 recently noted battery was below 20%, so I plugged it into an Anker charging station (used before w/out issue) overnight, but upon unplugging it the iPhone app seems to connect (shows brief authenticating messages) to it but never updates the image from when I was first plugging it in. Not sure what the light had done previously, but the light on the back is solid red, and it stays on & solid red even when I switch it from “on” to “off” (for many hours), and attempts with the app to change resolution fail. I have the sense it somehow locked up when I plugged it into the charger, and does nothing at all anymore, that I can see, other than the glowing red light that never changes or goes out.

I did unplug the base station for 15 seconds, and re-plugged it. After that, the base station sees & works with the other Wyze Cam Outdoor v2, but nothing changed from problem camera from the description above (red light stays on even when switched off for hours, app seems to connect/authenticate, but the image never refreshes even when feet away from the base station, changes to cam resolution fail).

Not sure what I can try… should I try to set it up from scratch with the sync button? Do I need to mess with my app? Thanks for any advice.

Edited to add: both of my Cam Outdoor v2 devices were updated to the current firmware Cam BASE is also up to date with

Turn the cam off, and plug it into its base station USB overnight. In the morning, turn it on, and try connecting to it. The base station USB is going to be the most accurate way to test this since it’s made for the cam, and charging takes a while, so letting it overnight will make sure if it’s charging it will be sufficiently charged.

I did as IEatBeans suggested, but nothing has changed. It still shows as it was when I first plugged it in to recharge… 18%… periodic indications that it is trying to connect (see image, that’s what still shows in the app when I try to view the camera)… the same image as I was first plugging it in. No changes. I am again hoping for advice, as I have no idea how to proceed… Thanks! [posted wrong screen cap, trying again]

adding: even though the switch was “OFF” the red light remained on from before I plugged it in to base station yesterday, and it remained on and red after unplugging, and after I switched it to ON… It seems to be frozen somehow…

It looks like the cameras offline, but strange it even tries to connect. Since it’s offline the battery percent will not update. Can you confirm the switch was on when trying to connect? Can you try hitting the setup button again? Just make sure you DO NOT delete anything from the app

I will try this later tonight, as we are busy for the next few hours. Thanks for the additional suggestion!

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Hitting the sync button and waiting a while seems to have done the trick! The cam is working again! Thanks!!

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