Wyze Web Portal and new Web View

Just received an E-Mail about the “new” Wyze Web Portal.

Just giving the new Web View in the portal a try for looking at cameras. A MASSIVE improvement over the old Wyze View.

[Mod Edit]: Modified title and text for clarity and added links to portal and new Web View. The following is the Wyze notice that should have been displayed when attempting to access the old Web View:


Yeah. I have been using my.wyze.com for a bit now since they opened it up. It is certainly a much better experience in the Account and Subscription maintenance areas with the ability to manage assignment of cams.

But… (Isn’t there always one?) They have restricted the WebView of the cams and Events to only Desktop browsers. Devices using Mobile Browsers are only shown the shot below unless the browser is switched to Desktop mode. Not that any user might ever use the WebView on a mobile device without the app or anything.

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Jumped over right away thinking that FINALLY I can download events…but NO??? That CANNOT be right. Am I missing something that’s right in front of me? WHY is it such a PITA to download the videos!?

Nope. The WebView features didn’t change, just the look and feel. Same view Events only.

One huge change is that you can select individual cameras to view.


Found a loophole! :grin: Spoke too soon :pensive:

If I change it to Desktop Mode and let it load, and then change it back to Mobile mode, it loads just fine in a Mobile Browser!

EDIT: Appears to only apply to the “Viewing Events” screen. I see a wishlist request in my future.


The main differences I have noticed are:

  • I can select individual cameras that I want to show up in the view. That is a HUGE improvement
  • Most cameras connect and stream better than on the previous version
  • Events have WAY better filtering options:
  • Events show tags better

Improvements wanted:

  • I don’t like that my battery cams automatically start to stream when I load up the main page. I’d like to be able to save a setting that would exclude battery cams from auto-streaming.
  • I’d like to be able to download events. I don’t see any option for that.
  • Events don’t support audio yet
  • I’d like to be able to better sort which camera is positioned where on the live view (I might want one particular camera on the top left and a different one in the center, etc). Right now it HAS to be in the order they were activated in. I don’t like that. Maybe my oldest cameras are covering the most important areas, because the first cameras I get are being installed in the most important areas first. Then as I expand, I might get cameras for less important zones. But now it shows me all the newest cams first, which may not be the most important cameras I want at the top. Let me choose the order of what is important to me in which order, not when it was activated.
  • I’d like to be able to choose how many cameras are displayed on the screen at once. Maybe instead of a 3x2.2 view of cameras, I’d like them to be a bit smaller and show me 3x3 or 3x4 or something. Maybe I only want 2x2 so that they are all bigger views. I noticed that on one of my tiny long monitors it will show me 1x3, but I would like to be able to change the grid arrangement.
  • I’d love to have the Thumbnail Show and Timeline available on this.
  • Hopefully they add control for things besides cameras and turn it into complete web-app that people can use from any browser.
  • There is a bug where if I stream audio from a cam on the liveview then go elsewhere (to events, etc, it keeps playing the audio. Then when I go back to the liveview, all the cameras say they’re muted, but I am still getting audio from one of them that I previously unmuted.
  • Still needs to show the VDBPro. There’s no more excuse not to allow it. Battery Cam Pro’s are allowed in the web portal despite being battery cams. The VDBPro can also be wired. Please give us the option to view it too. It is a PRO camera line and should have pro features like this.
  • I’d like to be able to zoom in like we can on the App. There are some cameras that I like having the full view available, but most of the time I want it to be zoomed in on a small area so I can see the important spot better.
  • Allow us to save “Groups” or default setting profiles that are used just for the Web Portal sorting (live view and events)
    • Example: At night, I like to have events show me my perimeter cameras plus my baby cameras sorted by person, pet, crying, meowing detections. But it is cumbersome to have to go find those 6-8 cameras out of 40+ cameras and redo the settings every time. And then sometimes I have to clear it to search other cameras or my daytime preferences, which may include watching my indoor cams to keep track of my kids while I work in my home office. It would be nice to have a day profile of settings/cams and a night profile that are easily selectable.

Yes. Like the Cam Filters, the Event Filters look to be the same as those found in the Event Page Filters in the app:



Filtering Events BY TIME? What the What?


For real, that’s awesome. Now, if we could only DOWNLOAD the events we are searching for. If we want to save a particular event, we still have to use the app and scroll through 3 billion events to go find the same event again just to be able to save it.

There’s got to be a way to create a script that will let us save events in the browser.

For example, I have a script for Libby in the browser that lets me convert Libby audios into MP3 so I can listen to them on a different player instead of in the horrible Libby UI. Basically you open the book, then right-click and click inspect, select network, Clear network log, then force a complete refresh (Shift F5), then play and fast-forward through the audio. Then you can click the download button and it will save the entire audio file to .HAR which can then be easily converted.
I’d think that some kind of script could do all of that for us to allow us to save events. I’m tempted to ask an AI to help me code one so I can save events from this new web portal.

This portal makes me want to get an extra monitor just to have it dedicated to this webportal with my top cameras always in view.


I know, right? Can you imagine the number of Wishlist requests can be checked off with the Time Filter feature in the App and Download Events feature in WebView?


I’m guessing only for people with cam plus though…the wishes will still exist for people who want a non-paywall option.

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It looks like that ui is even designed to be mobile friendly. Maybe they haven’t finished making all the pages mobile friendly so they put that blocker up temporarily. I would definitely like to have the option to use the web app on a browser on my phone.

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Every time I bring it up it makes my network unusable.
Many devices get kicked off and I can’t even login to the router to see what happening.

Close Chrome and everything back to normal in a few minutes. Repeated the sequence several times.


Just to test this thing properly, I logged into my.wyze.com thru the Browser on my Amazon FireTV Stick and Chromecast. Some real issues with compatibility between the two, and it was a really bumpy road getting there, but I was able to both live stream, filter Events, and View Events from both. Not an effective method, but it does show that it is possible.

If I try to login with Google Passport oauth, it fails, and then I can’t ever log back in ever in any other method until I go clear out the cookies and then I can start over and login.

Also, some of my V3Pros on the latest firmware are REALLY unstable with streaming. They keep switching to connection failed after a minute or so and I have to reconnect. Sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to go to a different tab, like events, then go back and it will stream for a little bit again. Other cameras like the FLPros will stream uninterrupted for a really long time. I think the new firmware might’ve messed up the authorizations a little bit.

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When I logged in via both my FireTV and Chromecast via Google OAuth, it stated “Login Successful” and then showed me the big red banner error message.

But, if I clicked Back until it took me back to the login splash page, where it still showed the “Login” button in the top right, and then I selected the 2 Bar menu in the upper left and selected “My Cameras” it took me straight to them as though I was logged in.

I experienced that as well, but I attributed it to my platform. Perhaps not?

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Hi Wyze Engineering Team - please see chat thread below - did not want to retype everything. Basically tied out the portal - great tool but there are some bugs. I’ll let you read through the detail but here a quick summary"

  1. 2 factor authentication code text says timeout after 30 min. Web app wants a code in 30 seconds

  2. I have 18 active cameras - intermittently one of two will loose connectivity in the web portal - my phone is on the same network - no lose of connectivity. When trying to reconnect, hit or miss. sometimes camera comes back up on the portal, sometimes not.

  3. When viewing my 3 pan cams, I cannot use the controls to move the camera. There are no controls. Perhaps this s future enhancement under consideration.

Thanks for listening - here is the full chat transcript:

|Chat started on 08 Nov 2023, 01:18 AM (GMT+0)|
|(01:18:06)|**** Dan Andreola joined the chat ****|
|(01:18:07)|Dan Andreola
Name:Dan Andreola, [Email:REMOVED], Description:Issues with new web portal|
|(01:18:07)|Dan Andreola
Customer Journey

Dan: Something Else
Bot: Here are a few more suggestions. If you do not see what you need please type your question in detail below.
Dan: Just tried the web portal. Great idea, but a little buggy. First the two factor authentication code is supposed to be good for 30 min according to my phone. Portal only gives you 30 seconds.|
|(01:18:11)|Wyze Wizards
Hey, thanks for reaching out! An agent will be with you in ~2 minutes. We appreciate your patience!|
|(01:19:21)|**** Glee joined the chat |
Hi Dan! Thank you so much for reaching out to Wyze Wizards. This is Glee. I’ll be happy to assist you today!|
Heads up, if you are using the app for chatting, we will be disconnected if you go to another page.|
|(01:19:55)|Dan Andreola
got it thank you - hi there|
|(01:20:05)|Dan Andreola
tried out the web app|
|(01:20:14)|Dan Andreola
great idea just a little buggy|
|(01:20:43)|Dan Andreola
2 factor authentication is not consistent between text and app|
Do you mean you are trying to log in on the Wyze App and it is a little buggy, am I correct? Or is this the Wyze website?|
|(01:20:51)|Dan Andreola
Text says code good for 30 min|
|(01:21:01)|Dan Andreola
App will not accept the code after 30 sec|
|(01:21:28)|Dan Andreola
It’s the Web app where I can see all my cameras|
|(01:21:45)|Dan Andreola
so yes|
|(01:22:01)|Dan Andreola
the Portal where you can see all your cameras|
|(01:22:13)|Dan Andreola
no problem logging in just need to be really fast with the code|
|(01:22:24)|Dan Andreola
otherwise it dies after 30 sec|
|(01:22:57)|Dan Andreola
That is the first issue I noticed. Second is the connection to the cameras is not stable|
|(01:23:16)|Dan Andreola
Connection on my phone is great, varies on the Web App|
Oh, I see. I totally apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Are your cameras connected to a 2.4GHz network?|
|(01:23:51)|Dan Andreola
will be fine then loose connection and when attempting to reconnect it does always connect. Phone still working fine.|
|(01:24:17)|Dan Andreola
yes they are no issues with my phone which almost always on wifi when I am home|
|(01:24:39)|Dan Andreola
it’s not a big deal and really like the concept|
|(01:25:08)|Dan Andreola
Also noticed that for Pan 3 cameras, I can not control the camera from the Portal - unless I am missing something|
|(01:25:27)|Dan Andreola
I am not complaining by any means|
|(01:25:42)|Dan Andreola
this is a great idea just providing some feedback to make it even beteer|
|(01:25:44)|Dan Andreola
I will let the team know about your feedback regarding the Two Factor Authentication code. Rest assured that we will look into it and hopefully make some changes soon. We can try a few troubleshooting for your cameras to make sure it will always be connected to your network.|
|(01:26:16)|Dan Andreola
I have 18 cameras active - so this again is not a complaint - just feedback|
Oh, I see. I will definitely let the team know about this|
|(01:28:01)|Dan Andreola
What is odd they will connect and then loose connectivity - I try to reconnect and maybe it does maybe it won’t. Phone connection is still fine. These cameras are spread over 3 different houses. Which in my opinion should matter. All work fine when I use my phone.|
|(01:28:37)|Dan Andreola
The portal is a great feature because I can see all the cams live on one screen. SO if I am home I can just the app up and running.|
|(01:28:52)|Dan Andreola
not all the cams just one here or there|
|(01:29:02)|Dan Andreola
most stay on line without an issue|
|(01:29:04)|Dan Andreola
|(01:29:24)|Dan Andreola
again just some feedback to make this feature more stable and better. In general I love it.|
Alright. I totally understand. If you don’t mind, you may send your feedback directly to our engineering team. We do appreciate our customers providing such feedback because it would be a way for us to improve our service. Please feel free to add your voice to the conversation here: https://forums.wyze.com/c/wishlist/12|
|(01:32:01)|Dan Andreola
Will do - can I just copy this chat thread and send it that way instead of having to type everything all over again?|
Sure! That would be fine.|
|(01:32:38)|Dan Andreola
I see I can make a transcript|
|(01:32:50)|Dan Andreola
ok cool - will do and thank you for your time|
You are welcome! In the meantime, would there be anything else I can assist you with?|
|(01:34:01)|Dan Andreola
Nope all good and love Wyze products as you can tell, I share my feedback with friends and family all the time - have made many converts to your products.|
Thank you! We appreciate it. I will also let the team know about this|
|(01:34:39)|Dan Andreola
have a great evening!|
Since we are all set for now, I’ll not take so much of your time.|
|(01:34:54)|Dan Andreola
thank you’|
Once again, this is Glee. Thank you for being part of Wyze. May you have a great day and stay safe always!|
Dan Andreola left the chat ****|

Which cameras are losing connectivity? Are those also Pan v3? For me it is my V3Pro cams that keep losing connectivity, however, my FLPro’s are pretty stable and stay online really well on the web portal.


When I connected, I liked the way they all just start streaming, instead of having to click the start on each one.

I don’t like that after a few seconds, they all start disconnecting.
They also start stuttering and stopping, and disconnecting again and again.

I go to view one at a time, and it starts freezing too.

When i re-connect to the ones that disconnect, it goes to a static pic, or a black screen with nothing.

The old one had a pause button on each, this one does not.

I had high hopes,
But it doesn’t seem any better yet on my end.
Exiting and reconnecting to the site looks like it may work, but the cams just start stuttering, freezing, then going to “connection failed”.

Random cams seem to stay connected, the rest flake out.


I have mostly v3Pros, but my V3s are also losing connectivity.
Of course the app on the phone can get to all of them all the time.