Wyze Web View not working

I was referred to this Forum from your support representative for Ticket #3942869, because they we unable to help me with the constant disconnect of live video of my camera’s from the my.wyze.com. I completed all the steps they requested and then he comes back with “well it is in Beta”, which is not helpful at all. I only subscribe to the Cam Unlimited service so I can have a live feed of my camera’s and it does not stay connected and having to constantly hit the reconnect button on the camera’s continuasly is rediculouse. Why does the live streaming no stay connected and I am at the point that it is not worth me paying for the Cam Unlimited service if this does not work. Please provide me and explanation that makes sense?

Hi how’s are? Well to start off about the camera feed you don’t need any subscription to view live feed through the app. Secondly if you want to view the camera(s) on the web you would need a subscription.

Now as for the connectivity issues you are having saying not connecting can be a few things (1) make sure your using the same WiFi network for your camera. Second make sure your using 2.4ghz as this is what it works on( not 5g). Third thing is check your signal strength to ensure you have a stable network signal with WiFi. Also the frame ware is up to date. You can also unplug the camera from the power source and wait for 5 mins, then reconnect them back to the power source. I’m giving you this information to the best of my knowledge and hope it will help you have success in the issue you are having.

Just note that to be completely honest about the cameras are that I stop using the web completely because it was happening to me as well. So I ended up getting a fire tv which the camera feed is exceptionally great with Wyze cameras. If you prefer this method I highly recommend it. The app you can use is tiny cam pro which I currently use it’s been fantastic. The pro version you pay for the app
Itself but free to use to watch your live feed. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

The Wyze web based live view is a joke. Feeds never load. The Wyze app works fine for me.

Guys. I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM!! If all you want is to watch your live cameras with almost no interruption. Here’s my 2 cents:

-you will need a gmail account
-download bluestacks x
-using windows appstore buy “tinycam pro” ($3.99)
-thats all. You will be able to watch all your cameras witn no connection issues. Maybe once in a while but all you have to do is refresh.

That is a pretty simple solution. Thanks

You’re very welcome!

Definitely all credit to Nikki_Nic !! Because the key to this solution is tinyCam PRO. My environment is PC , That’s why you need an Android emulator to be able to run the app.