Camera fails to connect for live views

For weeks I’ve had problems with the camera most of the time unable to show live views, or use the SD card on extended event views, but the short 13 second extended events kept working. Starting the week around 7-14 the all the cameras started working as they should, no explanation for it, nothing was changed unless Wyze corrected something within the application itself. The live view loads very fast and shows a good picture, hope if stays this way.

I have no diagnosis but just an observation that the event clips are playing from Wyze’s server whereas the other failing functions relied on getting to the actual camera. Were the cameras showing as online in the app?

When you click live view for a second it shows camera not connected, then proceeds to show the live view, that sometimes will skip from 34 seconds to 38 instead of running smooth. There are times it starts the live view but stops after 5 seconds or so, then when you shut the app down and restart it a couple of times it will then proceed to show the live view. When selecting events it shows loading and proceeds to show the 13 second video, but if you click the SD card it shows camera not connected for a second then proceeds to show it, but not always smooth just like the live videos. At times the app has also failed to work at all except for recording the 13 second events, those seem to always work. It seems to make no difference how strong the WiFi connection is or what internet your obtaining the app on it does the same on all of them.