Camera fails to connect

My Wyze cameras always record events, but the cameras work only about 20 percent of the time on live view, and when live view doesn’t connect when watching events I cannot access my SD card and can only view the 13 second cloud recording, how one affects the other I don’t know When the live view is working and I open an event I then can access a longer version of that event with the SD card, but when live view isn’t working, the SD card doesn’t and on events all i get is the 13 second view. This happens on two different internet connections, all cameras, and two different tablets, so it must be something not right with the Wyze app. I have Ring cameras on these same two internet services as well and they do not have any problems. If this is a glitch in the Wyze app I wish they could get it fixed as I do like the Wyze cameras when they are operating correctly.