Who else has been having a lot of issues

Why can’t I view any events on any camera no matter the model. And then when it does have the events, they won’t play! This is so ridiculous. Been having nothing but issues with Wyze since the last one a few months ago. It’s stressful enough when the cameras take longer to load and are never in sync with the others. But now we can’t view anything in real time. Wth is going on and is this going to be a constant problem?!? I’m about ready to be done with Wyze. If the cameras and or app don’t work then it kinda defeats the whole purpose of having security! I just went out of state for couple days and couldn’t view or play any events for any 6 cameras. Just ridiculous!

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Yep. This is a known issue that live feed doesn’t work when not on the same network.

Mine actually won’t work on the same network either. Have another friend with the same issue, but 2 other friends don’t have any issues.

As this has been happening to my cameras for a month, it’s clearly not widespread enough for them to make it a priority to fix. :frowning: