Continual "connection failed" messages now, trying to view live video

I’m on app version most recent, firmware

No longer able to view live video from my Outdoor Cam - events are recording, but live viewing gives “connection failed” every time. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app, and I’ve turned the camera off/on.

So, right now, if I hear a sound in my driveway from the other end of the house, I cannot use my app + camera to see what’s going on.

Events are being recorded but, due to the PIR area not being enough to cover my driveway, I miss some movements.

Any tips or troubleshooting advice when you cannot live view?

Do you have your cam in a group? Try ungrouping it. May still be a bug there.

Thanks for the tip but no - since I only have one camera, I never bothered with groups.

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Is range an issue? If so, you can try switching your base station to wireless, and move it closer to the camera.

My cams do that about every 3 months, I just power cycle the base via a smart plug. When the base light is solid blue again all is well for another 3 months. base is connected via ethernet. :grin:

Range should NOT be an issue. Signal appears good. Base is on ethernet and as close to the camera as it could be, really.

I wish they’d put the ability to “reboot” the base in the app!

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Well you could do it from the app if you had a WYZE smart plug and the base was plugged into it. I have a different brand of smart plug (Kasa) and their app.