Outdoor Cam Connection failed

I’ve had the Outdoor Cam setup for several days now with 2 cameras. I’m happy with what they do but am noticing a lot of “Connection failed” attempts for live view. I’ve tried the 2 things mentioned and they don’t resolve the problem. I tried rebooting the base station without success either. It seems that once they “black out” like this, there’s no bringing them back, they just come back online on their own sometimes hours later. There’s no time of day when they do this but they continue to register events and I have no problem seeing these. Issue is when I want to move one and can’t connect to live view, I can’t see how to setup the camera’s view. I can force an event and then go back and adjust I suppose but that’s very frustrating. Is this an issue with some firmware version? I tried across 2 different mobile devices with the same result and know that my network is stable. The signal strength is at 2 bars for one cam and 3 bars on the other.

Firmware version is on both cameras and on the base station which appear to be the latest versions of each.

Anyone else have connection issues? How do you resolve them?