Constant errors viewing live feed

Multiple times a day, I will have to reboot my phone just to be able to see the live feed from my cam. This does not always work, sometimes I will have to reboot multiple times. It just says “Connection failed (-91), then Connection failed (0)” in a constant loop. This is very annoying. I am still getting alerts to the motion, and can view the playback of the alert, but cannot see a live feed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


PS sorry this is a double post, I posted in the wrong section before.

I have the same problem as Stevie. I have 2 cams in the same location, one works and the other says “connection failed” Is there a way to remotely start the live feed? I won’t be at the cams location for 2 weeks.


I’m having the same problem. Sometimes, if I wait a couple minutes, it connects (it cycles through the three stages listed at the bottom of the screen). I can get them to connect if I unplug and re-plug in the remote camera. But if I’m traveling, I’m toast. Today, I waited over 5 minutes for two out of the three cameras I have connected to my home router. One camera connected pretty quickly, the other two never did connect (although at one point I was able to access the playback for the camera). Strange and frustrating.

I left my phone app trying to connect to my camera for over 10 minutes (with the “filling” screen just filling over and over), and it finally did! I didn’t need to do anything else (no reboots, no unplugs).

Did you see my post #72391?

I did. No such luck with me. It just said connection failed. I’m at the camera’s location now and reset the can. Hopefully it will stay connected when I leave. </span>

Today the second Wyze cam failed. I had to reset that one.

Having the same issue here. I have 2 cameras and every other day 1 of them does this. I have to unplug and plug it back in. It’s not always the same camera. The problem just started the last few days. I think after the last firmware upgrade.

Same problem here. I have five cameras and three of them start giving the “No Connection” error after a day or two after being powered up. After I unplug and replug, they are fine for another day or two, but this is not feasible for the ones I have installed 250 miles away. I did the firmware update on all five at initial installation, so I don’t know if the old firmware had this problem.

I just bought a couple of “smart” outlets from amazon, this is a workaround. This should not be like this.

I may do likewise (purchase smart outlets) but am having difficulty finding ones that are Apple HomeKit compatible. Recommendations would be appreciated.

I used these from amazon;qid=1517852557&amp;sr=8-2&amp;keywords=gosund


I did a quick look around and they did not say anything about apple homekit. Maybe post a question and someone should be able to answer one way or another. Hope this helps!

I have the same issue. I have three Wyze cams, two of the old ones and one of the version 2. The version 1 cameras constantly give out the error [Connection failed (-91)] / failed to connect / time out. and I have to manually turn the power off and then power back again, then they work. but it is a constant headache and I might not buy anymore of these cameras. they are not good as security cameras due to their inconsistency. Any solutions welcome

Same problem. I also have 2 old style and one new one. One old style always fails. I changed locations and outlet and again it failed. I’m going to ask for a replacement.