Constant errors viewing live feed [Moved]

Multiple times a day, I will have to reboot my phone just to be able to see the live feed from my cam. This does not always work, sometimes I will have to reboot multiple times. It just says “Connection failed (-91), then Connection failed (0)” in a constant loop. This is very annoying. I am still getting alerts to the motion, and can view the playback of the alert, but cannot see a live feed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Sounds like spotty wifi to me. But perhaps removing and reinstalling the app might improve? Or maybe try joining the beta and installing the latest app and cutting edge firmware.

I would be surprised if it was the wifi, the device is not far from router (unless my 2.4 ghz is jammed, I dont have many devices on that spectrum). I will give the beta a try. Do you know can I get out of the beta if that does not work?

@Stevieeeeeee I have the same issue. I purchased some smart outlets to plug my cameras into so I can reboot them remotely. Not an ideal solution I know, but it’s what works for me right now

I should note, I recently joined the Beta, and after updating my app and cameras firmware, it does connect almost all the time now.

@kpkammer I have already ordered some! Thanks for the suggestion.

Same problem here, how do I “join the beta”???