Unable to view live outdoor cam

I just set up my outdoor camera last night, and had no issues. Now that I am at work, I am unable to view the live stream from the camera on my android app. My wife is at home and is connected to the home wifi and has no issues. I have no issues seeing live stream from my indoor cameras. What did I do wrong?

If that happens again while you’re at work and your wife happens to be home, ask her to check the status LED on the base station. It should be solid blue. If it’s yellow or flashing yellow you have a connectivity issue.

My outdoor cams and base stations do this once in a while and usually the issue resolves itself. Occasionally I have to unplug the base for a few minutes and plug it back in but this is rare.

Is your WiFi usually reliable?

This is my issue right now. I had ordered more outdoor cameras for my business so I decided to take a new one and try it out. I can be sitting right next to the camera, but as soon as I turn off my home wifi there’s no connection.
I do have a metal roof, thought maybe that is the issue? If so I’ll have to return everything as my business has metal siding.

The base needs to be connected to WiFi and the camera needs to be connected to the base unless you are using travel mode doing a time-lapse or scheduled recording. Meal roofing and siding isn’t really a big deal unless you are pushing the distance limitations of the connection between the base and camera.