Outdoor Cam No video

My outdoor cam has stopped a live feed. Instead of seeing my backyard with the doggies playing, I see a still frame of that yard from January when it and the trees were covered in snow. It was working fine Friday and Saturday. I brought it indoors Saturday night, charged it, and then stopped working. It’s fully charged. It’s associated properly with my Cam Plus. The sensors are working; I’m getting notices to my phone that motion has been detected.

Where or how do I set the camera so I can watch the real-time feed?

Welcome to the Wyze community mr.mcmiller. Please try unplugging the Cam Outdoor Base Station, either from the wall outlet or from the barrel plug in the back of the base station. Plug it back in after waiting 10 seconds. Watch the base station status light and when it turns solid blue, retry a cam live stream.

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Thanks for the reply and suggestion; unfortunately, it didn’t work. Any other ideas?


Is your Cam Outdoor in a group with other cams?

No. Individual cam on a single base station.

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What app version, cam firmware and base station firmware versions are you running?

app: 12.301 [141]