Browser Camera View

Hopefully allowed to even show this but testing it right now and it does what it says it does, live view on any browser works just fine! (I tested on Safari, Chrome, Android, iPhone and iPad)

ps @ mods y’all can delete if not allowed


How do you access the beta? I want in on this so bad…

Would love to join the beta a well

Me too. How can I be part of the beta testing?

Add me to the list to want to test.

Same. I would love to test this out too.

Did anyone figure out hot to join the beta club. I would love to test my 8 Wyze Cameras in the beta.

We should use the following link I believe but I am getting an auth error “Full authentication is required to access this resource”:

I use: Live stream - Wyze


The reCaptcha doesn’t appear so it won’t allow me to login. I hope Wyze can help with that

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This recaptcha is a “point of sale” PITA.
Using Edge if I’m not in the window it drops, then when I go to log in again I have to go through the blasted image pick authentication. And then I get “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”
Using Chrome going to https: // I frequently CANNOT log in.
/edit - killing the Edge browser sometimes lets me back in but with the blasted “pick a pic”.
Killing the chrome browser lets me get back in without the “pick a pic”.

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Just tried this. When will Live Streaming of cameras work?
All i get is the spinning circle of loading. never loads stream.
Sometimes, if i refresh the page, it will show a thumbnail image of the cam, but it is hours old image.
Tried on many web browsers, Mac and pc.

Events show and playback fine in the other tab.

Go to the Events tab, then go back to the live stream tab. Once the page is up, tap on a Camera to see if it loads. I had to do this on occasion.

that just results in the cam preview image showing, but click play and still is spinning circle.
bith are v3 cams that say FW is up to date.

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I have two cameras on Cam Plus. My V3 streams fine in the browser. My Original Doorbell just has the spinning lines.

I can view Doorbell events, but not the live view. I’m using Chrome on Windows 11.

Also from the live view page:


I remember people noting that the doorbell view was sideways, but I didn’t realize that you removed the live view for it entirely. I’m looking forward to its return.

@Omgitstony does not work for Wyze, they are just a fellow user like yourself. :slight_smile:


Like @Newshound stated, mods and mavens are not Wyze employees, we are community volunteers and users such as yourself that are also waiting for the doorbell to be added and supported in the beta live view. :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue. Looked in the console and I’m getting an error. Hopefully someone at Wyze knows what to do with this info:

GET 404
live-09b9b626428d74474c4f.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘servers’)

And this is the response I get back:

{“code”:3,“status”:404,“details”:“The requested channel is not found or not active.”,“link”:“”,“results”:null}