Soooo many issues with Battery Cam Pro

The number of software issues with Battery Cam Pro is astounding.

  • When tapping on the camera, and seeing recent events at bottom of screen, tapping on a detected motion and then using “Jump to SD” will go to the proper time on your microSD card, but no event is marked on the timeline and you’re greeted with the message “No video available at this time.”

  • “Go Live” feature goes to frozen image instead of actual live camera footage.

  • From events tab, tapping on event w/ recorded motion (that–in a horribly poor customer experience decision–presents you only with a pic instead of the 12-second video) and then using “Playback” to see the video takes you to timeline where again no event is shown and again you’re greeted with “No video available at this time.”

  • The only way to get to recorded events is by turning on the live stream and tapping “SD Card” from that page. You’re of course then landed on a time that is not the current time, nor the most recent recorded event, greeted with a message that says (yep, you guessed it): “No video available at this time.”

  • Continuing from the point above, you then tap on the bubble that says something like “2 events,” for example, but you’re not landed on either one of those events! Instead, you land on another random time at which there’s no recorded event, and can anybody guess what else? Yep, A MESSAGE THAT SAYS “NO VIDEO AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.”

  • If you ever make your way to actually viewing a recorded event, there’s a good chance the audio is 15 seconds delayed (out of sync) from video. I ran a continuous recording (instead of recording events) for 11+ hours and the entirety of the footage was useless (for my needs) as NONE of the audio was ever in sync with the video.

All in all, as a big Wyze fan who has purchased a lot of different Wyze products (beyond just cameras), I have to say this is, by far, THE WORST customer experience I’ve ever had with this company. This product has been out for far too long for 1 of these issues to be happening, let alone all of them. And this is with a Wyze microSD card in play as well (that yes, I’ve formatted repeatedly, taken out & put back in, yadda/yadda/yadda). I’m so incredibly disappointed and I know I’m not the only one experiencing these issues. But I am wondering, are some Battery Cam Pro users not experiencing these issues? I don’t if that would be more concerning than not, but I’m certainly curious.

And Wyze, you owe your customers better than this. Many of us, myself included, have been early investors and have put a lot of money into belief in your products and helping you succeed. I sincerely hope you prioritize fixes and change some of your decision making ASAP.


Well at least your camera accepts the SD card. I have tried everything that they have asked and it still will not even say that it has an SD card in it. Although it will let me format it, once you go anywhere else, and sometimes not even having to go anywhere else, it then says no SD card detected.

Wow, that’s terrible! Still hard to diagnose if these issues are hardware or software related. Almost seems like both, since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency across issues. At least that would give some indication of how to resolve the preeminent problems. It’s insulting that they’re using the term “Pro” with this product & shocking that a much older camera at 1/3 the price works so much better.

Also very surprised and disappointed to see no official Wyze commentary in response to everybody’s issues.

I am a community volunteer, and am not a representative for Wyze.

I’m sorry you’re having so many issues with your BCP, that can be really annoying.

I am not currently using an SD card with mine, but I talked with some other volunteers and they said they are not having any problems with the SD card related stuff.

My thoughts are that it could either be a SD card with a slow write speed/an old SD card, outdated firmware/app, or Wi-Fi issues.

Could you confirm your firmware and app versions, as well as signal strength and SD card brand/model/age.

Thank you, I hope you’re able to get this working. So far I have been very happy with my BCP, and I think it’s a huge improvement over the not so great WCOs.

Very nice of you to offer help. The microSD card is a brand new Wyze 256GB card. All firmware is up to date/current on both the camera and the app. Camera version is Definitely not Wi-Fi issues, unless you mean the camera itself. That doesn’t appear to be the case though based on the fact that I can get to the recordings, just not functionally. I’m using a Wyze Mesh Pro router and internet service is fine with everything else. You bring up a good point though, and I should try using a different microSD card, despite the fact that the current one is brand new and from Wyze.

Thanks again.

Thank you for confirming all of that. Everything looks good afaik.

If you have another SD card I think it would be smart to test it, though it’s pretty unlikely your card is defective like that.

Could you get a screen recording of some of the issues you are experiencing? Also, if you could submit a log for the camera (camera settings icon > wyze support > submit a log), as well as for the app (app account tab > wyze support > submit a log > wyze app and services) and post those numbers here, that would be super helpful if I can get anyone to take a look at them.

Lastly, could I get the exact app versions you are on (I know your up to date, but many times there are different tracks, staggered releases, beta program tracks, paused updates, etc, so the version number helps eliminate confusing). You can see this in the apps account tab > about.

Thanks in advance!

My BCP acts the same way. Delayed event recordings, etc. On top of all that the image became inverted today. No way to rotate 180! Stopping restarting has not helped. My non battery cam OGs work great…

Appreciate you sharing. Tonight, the recording froze as soon as there was motion/movement. The OG cameras are for sure better.

Yeah ive noticed the past few years of being a customer i feel like they are too eager to roll out new stuff without giving it the full run through of testing…dont get me wrong i love all the wyze stuff and will continue to stay invested in them

Just received the new camera yesterday and i am experiencing everything guy69 explained in his initial post other than the fact that i’m not recording or testing any audio. I cant seem to view any motion alerts in that i am also getting the “no video available at this time” message. Previousely, i have been running a V3 camera in this same location flawlessly using the same sd card. That pretty much should eliminate any sd card or wifi issues that could be causing this. I dont want to return the camera but getting to look at one snap shot picture after every motion detected isnt going to cut it. I currently have been testing the camera on the continuous record to microSD card setting in that i was going to eventually run power to this location. Am I to hope for an eventual update for this fix or could the camera be defective in that I should exchange it for another one?

update: Last couple of days it has been working flawlessly now. Only did two things since my original post. Ran about a 234 ft extension cord to the testing location and now have the battery pro cam constantantly plugged in. The other was doing a full format of my samsung evo select 128Gb sd card using my laptop. I don’t know which if any action helped but so far, so good. One thing im a little disappointed in was that my v3s seem to have a stronger wifi signal then this battery cam pro at the testing location which is about 230 ft outside from my router location which sits on an upper shelf in the closet.

I have the same issue as no video is available when jumping to the sd card. But randomly sometimes it does work! And the timeline shows motion events that I can tap on and it takes me to the exact spot on the sd card. But that’s 1 out of 9
10 times. Most times it’s not available

In terms of the sensor picking up motion compared to the outdoor v2 camera it’s terrible. I have them side by side and the older outdoor cam is picking up motion while the BCP doesn’t do anything.

It feels like a rushed product and needs a few firmware updates to get it to a more polished state.

Hi there… I have a new BCP and am new to any form of camera. Wyze was my first jump into the world of security cameras. The camera was working well and capturing all the events I expected to see so that was a good start. Like the original poster, my issues with viewing event videos on the SD card are very similar. Some times I get to look at them and at other times I do not. There is a lot of fiddling back and forth and then all of a sudden a video is available to be watched. My biggest concern is that this morning our paper was delivered so that means an SUV with his head lights on, pulled into the driveway well inside the area where the camera has been picking up events. He stopped, threw the paper out of the vehicle onto the driveway, and then drove away. Unfortunately - the camera did not record an event. I now have a concern about how often this can happen… I can almost live with the inability to watch the videos as I was thinking I would pay for the Cam Plus service, but if the camera misses events with so much action, what else does it miss ??? I did check, and the camera had 94% battery remaining. Does the camera go to sleep ???

Ditto on all the troubles with trying to get this cam to:
Capture an event consistently. To preserve battery, we are told to set sensitivity to exclude the radar (highest number) bit when not set at highest setting the camera misses most events.

Being told to format sd card on a computer and not use the camera does not always work. I had to download a special program designed to format SD cards and finally got camera to see the card.

I use the spotlight to see better late at night. It was working great until WYZE sent out a firmware fix for the Spotlight!! Now, it will not stay on. I turn it on and it goes off after 2 seconds. I do not have the sunset setting ON and I know for a fact it is dark. I am in rural wooded area. F

I think it is almost comical that I tested the continuous recording option and it worked pretty good at recording non-stop as expected. Well until the battery died it did but I knew the battery was good for about 10 hours per the ‘manual’. However, once the battery dies you have no choice but to physically remove the camera and then the battery. charge the battery and re-insert to get it going. Tough luck it you have mounted the camera 15 feet up! Wonder why the firmware would not include a low batt set point ( say 10%) option so the solar panel would have a chance to catch up to another set-point (say 80%) and the camera would remain in its roost.

I have several cameras but in the mix is Pan v2 and Pan v3 and Battery Cam pro - trying to watch recorded content from SD cards is very different on all 3 cameras.

I am waiting and hoping for FIXES some day…


It does seem that things change without knowing. I checked my phone this morning and there were no events from last night or this morning yet, once again I saw the paper in the driveway and I had gone out to pick it up. I tried opening the door right in front of the camera and saw the red light come on so now for sure I should have events recorded. I checked on the web portal and sure enough, now not only did I get me opening the door, but the paper delivery event showed up ??? Were were they before ? I am now wondering if perhaps my WiFi had gone to sleep ? Unfortunately I do not understand much about that at all. I have the Bell Canada supplied 1000 modem.

Someone suggest to me (on another site) that I should check the Channel used by my Bell HH 1000. I did a test and found it was on Channel 6 which was loaded by just about everyone in the area :slight_smile: So I over rode it and set it to channel 4 which is strong and yet only had one more user. Hopefully that helps with speed and connection issues…

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Been an early Wyze adopter from the get go. Bought the first V1 camera when they were $20. Very happy with those. Bought 4 more. Then the smart plugs and the smart outdoor plugs. Wyze was right on. Very happy with all their products. So I found the BCP, waited a few months to buy them. Bought one, tested it for a few weeks. I’m running a Wyze 32GB SD card, formatted it in the camera. Hooked it up and all was well. When I jumped to SD card never got the dreaded, “no video available at this time”. Video showed up pretty consistently, no problem. So I buy 3 more cameras, update all the firmware on them, and now, all of a sudden, jump to SD card, that’s right, “no video available at this time”. What the hell Wyze. Please fix this. Very disappointed. I researched A LOT of security cameras before I settled on your BCP. As a matter of fact, I bought the 4 BCP’s to replace my Arlo camera system. I’m beginning to think this may have been a mistake. Should have gone with a Lorex or a Reolink. Make this right Wyze.

I bought mine as a first step into security cameras. I actually had two more in my shoping basket but decided to hold off as I keep running into issues. Everyone struggled this morning due to a system problem. Later in the day the camer worked well and then again tonight I cannot connect to the camera as it says there is a sytem error. I clikc on troubleshoot and it simply flicks back to the system error screen. Still staying patient. We shall see…

Cam Pro is the worst. Recording events is the most useless Wyze has even done. I own 5 Wyze V3. Been using Wyze for years, since the beginning, the best. But this Cam Pro Wiresless. It doesn’t even record events, it records what it want, when it does, it’s a second late and well, that second is often the most important, Sound is out of sync too. I am disapointed with this purchase, makes me sick.

Time to go back to basics. Get product refined and bulletproof. Way tooooo many irons in fire. Nothing works WELL. Lessons learned - Innovation can’t be just cost and Speed kills!