Battery Cam Pro…no video, only photos?

So am I missing something or do you have to pay for the monthly service to be able to record video on this camera? I have the memory card installed and formatted along with the most recent updates but I’m still only getting photos. Am I missing something? I have only bought Wyze cameras because you can record to a card and not have a monthly fee.

Looks like your looking in the cloud event area of the camera. you’ll need cam plus to be able to record events to the cloud. The microSD card recording feature was just released for that camera, where you can record to the SD card.

I can’t get it to work with Cam Plus either. I get an error when I try to play any cloud event recordings that says “Failed to upload.”

How do you get to the sd recordings? On my other Wyze cameras I click on an event and there’s a playback button to view the sd card recording. But I’m not seeing that on the battery cam pro. It’s only showing “livestream” or “delete”

I just bought 3 Battery Cam Pros and have 10 other Wyze cams and the Battery Cam Pro won’t record and video. SD cards in all of them.
Is there a fix or am I sending them all back?

Not impressed with being forced to subscribe for all the new products. I recently bought the Cam Pan V3 and the Floodlight Pro and was forced to subscribe. After owning damn near every product you make I’m starting to rethink my purchases.

I’m still unable to access and view videos on this camera. “Record to sd” is selected under the advanced settings but I’m still only getting photos. Even when I click on an event, and select “jump to sd” there’s still no videos or events. Has anyone successfully recorded video to an sd on the battery cam pro without paying for the monthly membership? About to send this back if I can’t find a solution. Thanks in advance

This is what I mean by there not being a playback button on events recorded on the battery cam pro

What is the actual firmware version on the camera? What is the actual app version that you are using?

I also deleted the app and reinstalled it so that’s updated too. Only other thing I might try is deleting the camera and trying to reconnect it. I’d just like to know if I’m the only one having this issue with this specific camera?

As noted above, I can’t get cloud videos to work at all using Cam Plus. However, if I remove the camera from Cam Plus and just do photos instead, the interface is the same for me when I access the photo from the Events page - no link to view the video on the SD card.

If I go directly to the camera itself and select the photo from the timeline there instead, I do have a “Jump to SD” button that seems to work properly.

Jump to SD card doesn’t play most times. The wifi on these seems to suck too compared to the old outdoor cam. Replaced the old versions with these in the exact same spot and they take forever to load and drop out constantly. I have your Mesa Pro system too. Very disappointed in these.
I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay for Cam Plus only to have the cameras not record anything.

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I’m having the exact same problem. I don’t understand what’s going on. I was about to invest in a whole suite of products from these guys too. Good thing I’m still within my return window

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I have the same issue. No video recording ability to the sd card. Seems as though the capability of the camera is limited unless you purchase cam+. I understand wanting to having us purchase cam plus but this is the wrong way to go about it, if this is indeed the case.

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After a month, I finally figured out(or it just started working) how to see video playback. I have to click on the battery cam pro camera on the Home Screen, then select a motion detected event, then click “jump to sd”. It takes a few seconds to load the clip. This seems to show the video clips.

Don’t really understand why Wyze can’t add a “playback” button when looking at a detection on the events page like all the other cameras have. That would be helpful.

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I have the exact same problem. I have a cam plus service. The notification indicates that there’s a video but when I go to play the video it says " error failed to load to cloud" I have submitted over 30 logs and I have spoken to the customer service bot and explained my situation. They have been unable to find a solution. I ended up returning the cameras for an exchange to home Depot thinking that perhaps the cameras were bad. I got the new set of battery cam pro. I set the new cameras up next to the the modem to confirm that it wasn’t out of range. After doing the updates and the set up the new cameras started doing the same thing as the previous cameras. I’m very disappointed and I’m thinking of returning this trash. By any chance, did you figure out how to make them work properly?

Update: For whomever needs this information. I still can’t watch recorded videos with cam plus subscription. However, I was able to get the micro SD card to record the videos and I’m able to replay the videos off the ad card. The way you do it is, go to the app, select your camera then go to the gear icon at the top right of the selected camera. Scroll down to advance settings. Insert SD card to the selected camera then select record to SD card. A message will pop up saying shop for SD card. Select shop. Let it load and after it loads hit the back space to go back to the previous window. Your ad card will be recognized after that and you’ll be able to record videos to the SD card without a membership. To retrieve the video, go to the recorded video then select playback. Work for it to load it takes a little while. After it loads you should be able to see the recorded video. To save video simply hit record as the video is playing. I hope this helps.

Nope. Doesn’t work. That’s how it is supposed* to work, but it does not.

Curious, who is your internet provider?