Battery Cam Pro - Event Playback?

I am a long time WYZE customer and have purchased many WYZE cams over 9 years. I just got a Battery Cam Pro, put a 128Gb mSD card in it and set it up. Very disappointed I can’t play back video events or have a video time lines like my older cams, without having to get sucked into yet another subscription plan. What’s the point of putting in the MicroSD card?

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uSD card recording is not yet supported on the BCP. That fact is well noted on the sales page.


I recommend research of the product prior to adding to the check out cart and hitting the Pay button.


I was led to believe that if I put an SD card in then I would be able to do “playback” that I can do with my other cameras. I was told us via support person.

The reason I want to do playback is because the camera misses things like cars driving by 10 feet in front of it, etc.

The idea I can view playback if I can certain SD card turns out to be incorrect apparently.

Here is the transcript

11:34:05 AM) Ace Bailey: hello. I have a few new battery cam pro but I can’t figure out how to do playback. Do I need to put a SD card in?
(11:34:44 AM) Ace Bailey: I need playback because the camera misses a lot of action.
(11:35:37 AM) Mariany : I understand that you have q question of viewing the playback, Ace. No worries though. I am here to help.
(11:36:12 AM) Mariany : In viewing the playback, you will need to insert an SD card in your camera.
(11:37:38 AM) Ace Bailey: So without the SD card, the only thing I can do is look at the motion it captures. But I can’t go back and look for a certain place in time?
(11:38:29 AM) Mariany : Yes, Ace. I would suggest an SD Card on it so you can store videos you wish to store.

It will at some point in the future. As noted on the web page, uSD card recording is not YET supported. A future firmware release will change that.

Nothing was set in stone but the hint was that recording to the SD card might be in the September firmware update. VERY disappointed it wasn’t.

This device was clearly released too soon. I wonder why? Market pressure?

Starting to feel like the golden era of Wyze is over.

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To sell more scam plus subscriptions.

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Playback is not even available with CamPlus

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I won’t be buying any more Battery Cam Pro units until I see a firmware update that makes the one I have start showing video playbacks. Currently it’s fairly useless for other than live views.

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Hello guys. New here after purchasing 2 Battery Cams Pro with solar. Haven’t installed yet because of issues. I have no subscription, yet… I wouldn’t get subscription it if I know basic functionality is not working. So I am in testing mode in house.

That being said, I read that beta mobile app, and beta firmware introduces microSD card playback. I have installed 256GB cards in both, I have updated to beta, and sure enough the playback was there. However, it was very flaky. I have developed a sequence where I can view playback almost consistently by doing the following:

  1. Open the camera view in question in app.
  2. Wait for live video to come up.
  3. Go into settings and perform “Sync Time”.
  4. Proceed to view playbacks.

If I don’t do above, the playback is very inconsistent, mostly does not work. Only after doing above, each time I want to view playback on a camera, does it work.

So I think it’s a firmware/software issue. I believe it should improve, it just really unfortunate.

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Seriously? Over a month from the previous update " (September 14, 2023)" and no new updates?

Going to say it again…it was released too soon. Not ready for market.

This feature has since been added, just note that they specify in another forum that the feature wasnt initially built into thr device because it was built to conserve battery.

Set the setting in advanced settings to record continuously. Itll warn you it won’t last more than 10 hours. Then go to the live stream of the camera after some time to give it time to record stuff, and click SD Card. You can then go through a vertical time line of continuous recording. If it’s greyed out, make sure youre viewing the livestream first.

Here it is, a few months later and I have a new Battery Cam Pro. I have been experimenting to learn what I can and cannot do. Today I set the camera to continuous recording. After 12 hours, the battery had drained to 46% and recorded 12 hours of 1 minute long videos. I removed the SD card and played them on my computer as that is an easy way for me to see everything on the card. Impressive to be sure, but obviously if one wants to do continuous recording a power supply would be beneficial. FYI - 12 hours of 1 minute videos in my case worked out to just over 4 gig of data…