Battery Cam Pro, SD card issue

New user of the Battery Cam Pro here. I have it installed with a microSD card but am experiencing an issue loading events that should be stored in the microSD. This issue has persisted across multiple microSD cards (that work in other cameras) and multiple Battery Cam Pro cameras with updated firmware. I’m not subscribed to Wyze service plans.

In the app, I’m able to see Recent Event snapshots from the camera in the Events feed. Selecting an event takes me to the camera home menu where the camera attempts to load the camera’s live feed. The camera appears to simultaneously attempt to load the event stored in the SD card. In all cases, the camera alternates between these attempts and never successfully loads the video playback to the point where I can watch the video. This back and forth often ends with an error (typically code -15 or -16) then reverts to the live feed successfully.

I sometimes see the SD card playback options / buttons overtop the camera image (play button, etc.) but selecting them does not produce a different result. Toggling the “power saving mode” and typical recommendation of reinstalling, rebooting, SD reformatting, etc. has not produced a fix. I can access videos by this method for all the wired Wyze Cam V3 that I have installed.

I apologize if this specific issue has been reported elsewhere, but I was hoping to find out whether this is a bug experienced by others (that hopefully can be fixed) or if this option is not yet supported in the camera.

Thank you.

I have the same issues with my brand new battery cam pro. Done everything three times still no playback from sd card. I own at least 10 wyze cameras this only one that does this. Need a solution.