Wyze Battery Cam Pro firmware - Released 5/23/2024

We are releasing firmware today for the Wyze Battery Cam Pro to fix an issue that caused no event videos for Cam Plus Unlimited users.

Read our Release Notes:


is there way to flash BCP manually from SD card?

There is no firmware available for download on the release notes/firmware page so probably a big no.

Hi, I just got BCP and updated it to version
I’m experiencing a problem with error code -15 when loading the live view. This occurs repeatedly and can only be resolved by restarting the device, but the same problem reoccurs shortly thereafter. When this happens, no event videos are uploaded to the cloud, and no event notifications are triggered. However, I have checked and the video did record on the microSD card."
I have uploaded Log ID: 1427185

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I am having the same problem – error code -15 when loading the live view, and no notifications. Menus come up easily, and like you, I was able to send in a log without error. Logs 1429486 & 1429488 (I have 2 out of 2 cams failing).

I have checked with my fellow Mavens, and no one else has the problem. So it may be up to a few of us to come up with enough clues for anyone to solve this. Your description and log was a great start, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using an iOS app, are you? 2.50.7 (10). Maybe the problem lies there, although I wonder with no notifications.

I am also using the Wyze Router Pro, which indicates it is seeing communication from the camera. Both the camera and the router say there is good signal strength.

A battery power reset is a questionable solve, as whatever makes them work doesn’t always require that, and any solution is short-lived.

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I’m have similar issues with my battery pro camera.