Wyze Battery Cam Pro Recording

Is there anyway to make this camera record continuously to SD card. I do not need it to detect motion or send alerts but I would like it to record continuously to the installed micro SD Card and I cannot find out anywhere if it can be done.
Using the app on my android, while this camera is selected, I view live feed and I can click on record. And it appears to record directly to my phone, don’t mind that but would prefer it to record to the SD card. But it only records for as long as I leave the Wyze App open. move away from the app and the recording stops.

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The Battery Cam Pro does not have the ability to record to the SD card yet. The tech. specs say coming soon? I think they are going to make it work sometime this month or next month. There are some other post about when it will happen here someplace.


Yes, continuous recording is a feature Wyze has said is coming soon. I do expect it to drain the battery much much faster, and it may even only be supported when the camera is plugged in.

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I’m sick and tired of Wyze selling neutered tech just to push their stupid ScamPlus subscription. I bought 3 of these things based on the fact it was “coming soon”, now already outside the return window. Should of just went with the Cam v3’s like I originally intended…

If you had a power source available then the wired cameras are always a better option, for cost and features.

I’m not sure when Wyze intends on releasing continuous recording but I suspect it will require constant power or a solar panel

Agreed, I have my Battery Cam Pro currently setup with the Wyze Solar Panel. And let me tell ya, it’s ridiculous that even with an SD card installed, I can’t set the Recording Cooldown to anything lower than 1min (without ScamPlus) and I can’t set the max video length to anything more than 12sec (without ScamPlus)

i purchased because you promised playback from sd card it would be in september.
i want playback from sd card same functionality as on wyze cam v3
now what?
should i ask again in november?
which year?

ok amazon just unloaded all stock so i guest not, failed design?

Record and playback to SD for Battery Cam Pro is currently undergoing beta testing and is working well. You can either join the beta test or wait for the public release after testing is complete.

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I wouldn’t say “it’s working well”, when in fact it’s not working at all. The beta program was delayed and now has been silent for the better part of this entire month, no updates, no progress. When can I get a refund for my 3 now useless battery cams, since they’re conveniently no longer within their return window?

There was no “pause”. Beta testing progressed from Wyze Battery Cam Pro Firmware Beta Test 9/28/2023 ( to Wyze Battery Cam Pro Firmware Beta Test 10/16/2023 (

Current Battery Cam Pro firmware is Wyze Battery Cam Pro firmware - Released 10/23/2023. Continuous and Events-only recording to SD is working fine under this latest firmware.

This is a user-to-user forum. I don’t work or speak for Wyze. If you wish to speak to a Wyze employee/representative, please contact them directly at:

or by phone at: 206-339-9646 (US) or 581-500-1166 (Canada)

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sd card recording maybe works but camera often loses connection, does not reconnect and you have to remove battery, power cycle camera to get camera online
with camera offline you cannot view sd card recordings.
my bet with next firmware update they will fix reconnection issue but break sd card recording.