Soooo many issues with Battery Cam Pro

Same issues. SD Card seems to be working, but can’t be accessed by app. Events also freeze up. I installed Battery Cam Pro with brand new samsung 256kb high endurance SD (same one I have in my v3 pros), have extremely strong and fast wifi, all software/firmware is up-to-date, camera is permanently attached to power so battery is really there in case of power failure, etc etc. SD card used to work and I have no idea when it stopped. Noticed it yesterday when I was checking if all cameras were working right before I leave town for a couple of days. Don’t feel like spending a lot of time doing anything I can think of when this seems to be a class problem. HELP.

Edit: Just re-formated SD card using wyze app (android). Continuous recording seems to be working again. Before re-formating, the SD card was full so maybe problem was that the “continuous loop” functionality doesn’t work. I’ll update once SD card fills up in a few days.

While not happy to hear others are having problems too, it does help to know these BCP issues are widespread. I know a firmware update was recently released for BCP, and I’ve installed it, but haven’t yet taken the time to see how much has been resolved. Sadly, it’s been hard to care much about this camera based on how bug-laden it’s been since day 1…

One of my v3s actually did the same thing. A couple of weeks ago it stopped reconizing the sd card. Didnt even know it had happened until i tried reviewing a paticular video that was never recorded. I spent a couple of hours trying to get it to work. Power cycling, using a different sd card, reinsertinging over and over again. Finally i just gave up on it and convinced myself that i would have to purchase another one. By the next morning, the camera was working perfectly again as if nothing had hapoened. WTF… Hasnt given me anothrr problem yet. During that time i had 3 other v3s running and no issues. All 4 are still running the same version firmware.

After my BCP acted the same way you are mentioning, I tried a test just to see if I could get camera to work right. I simply turned on ’ continuous recording’ option. I knew it would drain battery but I wanted to see what diff it made. It worked FLAWLESSLY!!
It recorded everything. It flagged motions. I could review video an bounce from one motion marker to next one. BTW, I have the same 256 G SD card mentioned. So, now what?? Is it a ticket worthy issue? We got recording fix last October (at least I did). My fingers are crossed with hopes the BCP gets a FIX patch soon🥴

Same here as everyone else- have 3 Cam V3s that work as expected and 4 Battery Cam Pros that do not as far as recording events and giving the ‘no video at this time’ response. All of the BCPs are run off of the Wyze Solar Panels, so power isn’t the issue. All have zero connection issues to the wifi. Finding this post that is now 5 months old is extremely disturbing considering the roll-out of all the ‘new stuff’ last week. Seems the company is just ignoring this glaring issue in order to get folks to pay the monthly fee. Hello customer support!!! Anyone home?

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I have one that is constantly missing events and not recording at all. And if it does it fails to upload to the cloud. My v3 cam works perfectly along with one other battery cam. But one just constantly misses and fails.