Battery cam pro won't charge via wyze solar panel

I just received the battery cam pro and set it up, however it will not charge using the Wyze solar panel. The battery will charge separartely, and when in the camera and plugged into ac. I have tried 3 separate solar panels and cables (which work fine with Outdoor v2’s). Has anyone else run into this issue??? I’ve factory reset the cam and no luck. Firmware is up to date. I do notice that in the app under settings for the cam, there is no “accessories” secting where you can enable solar panel via a toggle like for the outdoor v2.
I am just wondering if this is a hardware, or firmware issue that can be corected. camera works fine otherwise…the battery pack will charge when inside or outside the cam via wall outlet, just not using solar panel.
thanks for any tips

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WOW, I can’t wait for this … since I too suckered for the Solar Panel, to go with my Battery Cam Pro.
But alas, I must first enjoy waiting to even use my Battery Cams (I bought two) as there’s a “known issue” with the setup NOT WORKING with the entire Google Pixel phone line. Ugh!

I’m having the same exact issue, unfortunately. I also have the Outdoor V2 with a solar panel that works perfectly fine. I just got off with Wyze chat support and wasn’t able to fix this issue.

What a bummer! I am hoping the issue can be fixed with a firmware update rather than it being a hardware flaw. Support wasn’t able to help me either, other than the things I had already tried. Factory resetting didn’t help so not much else to do.

I’m in the exact same boat. Would love if anyone has any cheat codes for this. Two cameras that are both not charging…

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Same issue here. Received the Battery Cam Pro yesterday, and was able to set it up after the Google Pixel fix. Today received the Solar Panel, and it’s not charging. Such a bummer.

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FYI the solar panel charges the battery just fine when you plug the battery directly into the solar panel.

I think there might be an issue with the USB charging port on the camera itself. Can someone verify?

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I’m having the same problem. Was driving myself crazy trying to get it to work. Glad I saw this. Cmon Wyze get off ticktok and get this working

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They are sending me a replacement camera. Hopefully this works, else I will return everything including the solar panel for a full refund.

It’s sad they released this, I am looking into replacing my old Nightowl security setup for my home and businesses. Glad I just ordered just 1 to test it.

Wyze support is a pain to deal with too. So frustrating.

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Mine appears to be charging, but it’s a slow charge by design from what I was told. I can see that it is charging from the Home page. But it’s not showing a charging indicator light on the camera, even if I plug it into an outlet. The only charging lights I can see are if I charge the battery outside of the camera, either from an outlet or the solar panel.

Mine don’t charge too. With the solar panel on the camera.

The problem is not the solar panel because it can charge my cellphone when I plug it.

Maybe the USB on the camera?

Did you find a solution?

Correction : The battery charges when the solar panel is connected to the camera.It just takes a long time and the battery indicator does not show that the charge is effective (no small flash in the battery percentage icon)

Add me to the list. Plugged in to the new version panel and nothing. I have 2 cams I can try the other one but still expected it to charge.

I just got these installed today - how can you tell if the solar panels are charging?

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the only way I could tell when mine briefly charged in the begining was in the app in camera view there was a little lightning bolt going thru the battery icon. initially I was only able to get it to start charging was to restart the camera. that no longer works though.

As I’ve said, when you go to the Home page find that camera and it will show the battery % under the camera name. Check it periodically and the charge level should be increasing. It’s a very slow charge, which is actually a good thing for the battery health.

sadly mine is not increasing. I know it is not bad panels as I’ve tried 3 different panels which all work fine with my outdoor v2’s. the battery cam pro just won’t connect/communicate with the panel

How long are you waiting between checks? Because as I said, they have designed the battery with the camera to be a very slow charge. But will it charge if you connect directly the battery and not through the camera?

Update: I have experienced the same as Resist, it’s a slow charge as compared to Outdoor Cam V2. I’ve tried this with my old solar panel and a new one with the same result.

The Battery Cam Pro charge indicator isn’t consistent. Sometimes it shows the charge lightning bolt, sometimes it doesn’t. Unlike the Outdoor Cam V2, it won’t show a charge status when at 100% and it requires a lot more sun. So, I rely on checking the percentage periodically, in which case it does charge, albeit slowly.

For me, I was accustomed to the interface and charge time for the Outdoor Cam and didn’t realize that the Battery Cam Pro was charging soo slowly. I think Wyze needs to update the charge indicator in the app so we don’t have to question whether it is charging.

It must be over a week now since I got the cam/panel. and it WILL light up (battery LED) and charge when directly plugging into the battery. I can only wonder if it’s a bad usb port on the cam or perhaps something a firmware update could fix. (only had one f/w update since installing the camera).

You still haven’t said how often you’ve checked the app to see if the % of charge changed. But here is another way to tell if it’s charging. With the battery in the battery, make sure the camera is on via the app and in settings/advanced settings make sure camera status light is on. Then plug the camera in for power and it should show some lights on the face of the camera. If it blinks green several times then it’s charging. But I can’t stress enough that charging the battery for this camera takes a long time as it’s does a very slow charging process.

I believed as you do that my Battery Cam Pro wasn’t charging, the instructions are terrible in explaining how it works for this camera.