WYZE Cam Outdoor + solar charger

Brand new WYZE camnoutdoor and brand new solar charger. Charged the camera up via ac plug to 100%. Set it up outside at 87% battery and connected the new solar panel. Bright sunny days and 2 days later, im at 72%. I have “solar charger” turned on in settings for the camera. Am i missing something? Last time i tried the solar charger on an Outdoor Cam, the batter ran dead while connected and the camera fried. It wod not take any type of charge and never came back to life. Thanks

When it’s sunny, does a lightning bolt icon appear next to the battery?

I had this happen but it was a simple loose connection issue, the solar cord plug was not seated firmly behind the cam - that fixed it for me, now the charge level has not dropped below 99% for several weeks despite occasionally rainy days and there indeed is a lightning icon next to the battery.

Just checked, no bolt, so no charging. Going to try another solar charger when I get home. Other than in accessories where i have indicated there is a solar charger, is there someplace else in setting i need to go sonthe camera knows to charge from the solar charger?

As long as the theres sufficient sunlight and it’s plugged into the cam, it should charge and show that lightning bolt. Has it ever worked, or is it new? Does it show the lightning bolt when charging from the wall?

Just curious how the solar charger is going, as I am considering purchasing one, and don’t want to have any issues. It would be great if the OP @PyrateJim would give us an update, thank you :slight_smile:

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