Battery cam pro won't charge via wyze solar panel

I’ve had the cam for almost 2 weeks now, check the app daily sometimes multiple times. Again, it is NOT going up in %, it is going down. The status light does not come on. I have the cam mounted so will have to pull it down to try and plug in to ac. The panel is in direct sunlight (vegas sun) prior to mounting, the camera charged via plugging into ac, and also the battery LED lit up when directly plugged in. the only variable is the panel imo. all my other cams stay at 100% very rarely go down to 99.

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Turned the camera off for the day and checked it here and there. It’s up 10% battery so far. Still no charge indicator so it’s likely working for most just can’t keep up with the power demands depending on use.

I assume everyone is using the USB-C adapter with the solar panel to plug into the Battery Cam Pro, unlike their other cameras that use micro USB. And if you already had a Wyze solar panel, it didn’t come with the USB-C adapter prior to the Battery Cam Pro release. Also, the charge indicator light on the camera only flashes a few times while charging and does not continually flash.

Yep, my panel came with both adapters. and my status LED does not flash at all. only the initial setup flashing, and the red “connected” status. I may try the turning off cam for a bit and see what happens. I really starting to think it’s a bad physical port.

Same issues with my Battery Pro. Pretty sure it’s a firmware issue. Wyze clearly indicates the solar panel being compatible with product. Yet I fear much like the “SD card support and continuous recording” they left it out to be added with a future update. Why did they do this? I have no idea…

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Same issue here. I bought both items together and was excited about the solar panel. There was a USB-C adapter in the box (which doesn’t allow the cam to sit upright on a flat surface) but the panel is not charging the camera. I live in SoCal where there is no shortage of sun and it’s just not charging.

I had the same issue I just returned mine back at work. Going to wait till they push out more firmware updates including the SD card 24/7 recording.

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Same problem. However, the difference with my situation is that the solar panel was charging the battery when I first installed it 2 weeks ago but it wouldn’t record to the SD card I had installed so i had to take the camera down and swap out the SD card (strangely enough the wyze SD card would not work but the Samsung card does) so I got the SD card recording working and when i put the camera back up and attached it to the solar panel it would no longer charge from the solar panel. I noticed the next day that it was offline and battery was at zero, sooooo I took the camera back down, plugged it into the wall, charged it half way and them put it back up and made sure all of the plugs were connected really good to the solar panel and now today, the camera is offline again because the battery is dead. I’m so over dragging out the 12 ft ladder to try and figure out what is wrong with this crappy camera and/or solar panel. I know my problem isn’t firmware because it worked perfectly first time right out of the box … well the power worked but SD card port didn’t like the wyze SD card. Now the SD card works and the panel won’t charge the stupid camera no matter what i try

I just received my Battery Cam Pro, updated the firmware as instructed out of the box. Having the same issue as all above. Any solution?

I returned the solar panel that wasn’t working and then ordered another which has been working fine so far (about 3 weeks now).

I reached out to Wyze… (painful in itself) and explained the issue with the solar panel not charging the battery cam. I explained that I had already tried a second solar panel. He consulted with their technicians and decided that the battery cam was likely the problem and said the battery should not be draining that fast. So they refunded me for the purchase. I just got the replacement camera. Got it fully charged indoors and then mounted it at about 5pm on Sunday. It’s now Tuesday at 12PM and just got a notification that the camera is dead AGAIN. I’m returning this camera and the solar panel for another refund and going back to my non-wyze setup for this spot which is to monitor my driveway. i do use continuous recording and apparently this thing cannot keep up with it. My non-wyze solution worked perfectly fine with continuous recording and rarely fell below 100% charged. Should have left a good thing alone, but was hoping to get all my cameras into one app however this particular wyze solution is far from ready for public distribution. The battery cam pro works perfectly if you plan to use it near an outlet but far from adequate if you need solar to power it