Waze Cam Battery Pro + Solar Panel

I just received the battery cam pro + Solar panel pack. The Battery cam pro is usb-c while the Solar panel is micro-usb. Even though I purchased these as a pack it did not come with anything to connect the two devices together.

I didnt see anywhere on the webpage that I would have to order a converter cable separately. And if I was supposed to buy it separately why was that not noted anywhere?


I would have also assumed it included that adapter. Let me bring this up and see what Wyze says.

@michael27 You need on of these. I don’t know why it was not included in your purchase but there are other post here about the same issue.


I would contact Support and let them know about your issue with the bundle. Here’s a contact link:



@Antonius & @Omgitstony: I know I need that adapter. I also know why it was not in the box. They sent me “old stock” instead of the current version that includes the adapter. I know this because another Wyze user sent me a picture of the panel that came in his bundle. The adapter was in the same bag as the WCO adapter and the panel itself has a slightly textured top surface. The old ones and the one I got has a smooth surface.

I have had 2 chat sessions with CS and in both cases I was told they needed to pass my issue over to a “product specialist” in some “back office.” To be completely honest, this is the worst experience I have ever had with Wyze Customer Service. They should have been willing and able to just drop one of those adapters in the mail yesterday and closed the case. I was told it could take 24 to 48 hours for the back office to look into the issue. I will give them the weekend to fix it. Otherwise I’m going to “pull out the big guns!”

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Let us know your ticket number if they fail to come through, and we’ll see if we can escalate the issue. @WyzeJasonJ - FYI - CS issue with getting the pigtail when an old stock solar panel was shipped.


Good news! Maydel in CS has placed the order for the missing adapter. It should ship shortly. Thanks for your help! :smiley:


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I thought they (Wyze) would have figured new launches out by now. Design a new product, test, install all the correct firmware and design a new complete app so the device will be plug and play. Get all the correct parts and accessories in stock. Put all the correct equipment in the boxes. Advertise and announce the new product, sell. Instead of announce , sell then have scramble to correct their errors.
Measure twice cut once, Do it correct the first time and save time and $$$.

I actually think it was an error made in the local warehouse. Somebody didn’t the memo to ship the NEW Solar Panels and the just grabbed a box off the nearest pile. :wink:

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I contacted support and they are sending me a new cable. Hopefully this doesnt happen to everyone!

Thanks for the help everyone!


It’s interesting that the adapter linked above, for the USB-C connection, is a straight connector, vs the right-angle adapter, like this one (the micro USB version):

I wonder if it will be as weathertight, being just a straight plug-in, vs the right-angle connection the Wyze Cam Battery Pro uses… :thinking:

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Hello. I have been trying to get a solution and no positive responses from support.

[Wyze Ticket 3250001] US-4499297

@WyzeJasonJ @carverofchoice

Hi @Clumsy03 we’ll make sure you get taken care of. Just to make sure we tell them the correct info in an escalation, can you confirm a few details? Are you saying that you ordered a Solar panel but did not get the connector for the Battery Cam Pro, and that you filed a support ticket for it and that is what that ticket number is for?

Can you tell me what support said? Or did you not get a response at all? The answer will help Wyze know if they need to give training to particular reps who should’ve handled it differently.

Like I said, either myself, or Jason or Newshound, or any of the other volunteers if they beat me to it after your response (which is totally fine if someone beats me to it, the faster you’re taken care of, the better!) will make sure to get this looked into for you and get you taken care of. We just need to confirm a couple things so that we have the right information to pass on for you. :+1:



I bought Wyze Battery Cam Pro - 1 Pack + Solar Panel


the solar panel is old micro usb and the camera is usb c. They did not send the adapter to be able to connect the solar panel to the camera.

Re: [Wyze Ticket 3249623] Re: Conversation with

Alejandra. 3:37:03 PM) Alejandra: Send me a solution to my email I can’t keep waiting, I have to go to class

(3:37:41PM) Alyssa M.: Thanks for waiting patiently. I truly value your time and I know how important it is. To make it easier for you, at this point, I would need to convert this conversation into email.

(3:38:04PM) Alyssa M.: But yes, that last photo you have sent should be purchased separately.

(the photo that I attached is the one of the missing adapter)

Iattach the photos I received and the shipping orders. I see that other people had the same problem

[Wyze Ticket 3250001] We’re working on your request: Untitled ticket 3250001

[Wyze Ticket 3250067] We’re working on your request: Untitled ticket 3250067

[Wyze Ticket 3250243] We’re working on your request: Untitled ticket 3250243


Thanks. That was extremely thorough! I appreciate it and wish everyone was so thorough and helpful. I have escalated this for you so we can ensure someone oversees it. :+1:


Thanks :blush:


[Wyze Ticket 3250984] Re: Conversation with Alejandra

For those that did get the correct panel and adapters is your camera charging with it? Little cloudy today but I’m seeing nothing at all. When I originally plugged it in while the sun was out the day before I didn’t see a charging icon either so I’m wondering if it’s even working.