Outdoor Cameras Performance

I received two outdoor cameras today, setup one of them already. I have to say that process is slightly clunky, but works. Anyway, the real issues I see with it so far is that status light cannot be turned off in the settings. The image is prone to be pixelated, this is related to the distance between camera and its base, in my case the distance was less than 12 feet. Video stream is lagging and pixelated. And of course the real question is in regards the battery life. Those people who received their cameras already, what are your results so far on battery life and camera performance so far ?


I received my Camera On Saturday Aug. 11. I charged the camera to 100% And 4 days later I am down to 31%. WHY? If the battery is supposed to last 24 weeks under normal usage and my cam will be @ 0% in less then a week Something is not right. I left the settings at the defaults. I sure hope Wyzecam will follow up on this!

I ordered two cams. One is placed at my parents, not too much movement where the can is, however it is down about 6 percent a day. Rough math will put this thing to about 20 days tops, unfortunately that’s too optimistic of a number because that is from fill to complete zero. Somewhere at 10 percent it will give low battery warning. Maybe that would not be so bad if playback feature actually existed and worked, but there isn’t one. For some strange reason there is no continues recording on either of the as cards either. I am seriously considering of returning this half baked product to at least recover 75 percent of spent moneys.

there is no continuous recording option on the WCO

Deal breaker for me. Looks like I am better off with V2s and 3d printed outdoor enclosures. Way cheaper and more beneficial.

When you view 12 recorded event, there is a button “playback” . This seems like a half thought out product and its function.

One camera is down to 20% battery charge left. Already received a low battery notification. And it only has been a week, so I’d say that these cameras are not worth the trouble of spending your money on, given its short battery live and lack of many features.

Other camera is at 63% and is installed in the garage/breezeway area and doesn’t get much activity on it versus the first cam that is outside. Both were deployed on same day within 2 hour period if time.