Since update Wyze outdoor cam draining battery

Are the wireless outdoor cams just defective at this point?

Since the update a few days ago, my outdoor cameras I would need to charge maybe every two weeks or more are dead within a day or two with even less activity than usual.
I have sd cards in both cameras and bases and they’ve neverrrrr worked. It takes forever for live view to connect. Then I see at night my notifications going crazy because the v3 are picking up the infrared off the outdoor cams which are all of a sudden going off (for only maybe 5 seconds) every few minutes for no motion at all. Usually when those lights kick on they are recording the whole time and zero recordings are shown for those events the lights have turned on for as noted by the v3.
Now I love the fact that the v3 pickup and illuminate the infrareds off the other cams since my yards pitch black and on video it appears like a spot light BUT since the outdoor cams are so wonky and barely working anyway… the sensor kicking on for zero reason is killing the battery so fast and I can’t undo the update on ios :rage:
On top of that, almost all the videos the wifi outdoors cams have bothered to take, won’t even play at all.

Any news when the outdoor cams will perform like they should or answers to fix this?

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I have the same issue…

If you were charging your WCO every two weeks you had an issue to begin with. I have 4, all set to scheduled event recording to the SD card in the cam, 10 days at a time, no cool down period with a max video length of 2 min. per event recording. I charge my cameras when they get to 40% every 5-6 weeks or longer depending on how busy they are. All my WCO have over 1.0 GB of data on them since I charged them over a month ago.

Yep…The Outdoor Cam battery is NG ( This is due to POOR software)…I leave the Standard setting because if I change the detection, or distance then around 2 weeks on the battery. I sent a Log in with a Case # and 4 weeks with no follow-up.

We tend to be very active outside where the cams are during warm months so the battery wasn’t an issue… I don’t think two weeks is bad at all. Literally thee most I’ve had to recharge is min of two weeks or more with very high day activity. With that being said though, the last two weeks have been almost all rain so we’ve been inside. During the winter we easily went a month or more between charges & night time for us year round are virtually no activity besides a rare stray cat or raccoon.

I just installed the new firmware on my 4 cams yesterday, I will see if there is any difference in battery use during the next few days and report back.

After the latest firmware update on both the outdoor cam and base station my camera battery went from 99 to 19 percent in 24 hours. I moved the base station a little closer to the camera, now getting 2 bars instead of 1 bar but the camera battery went from 99 percent to 75 percent in 2 days.

Yep…If the Cam cannot connect to your Network…This what’s happens(I had Open a Case with Wyze)…And if you change a setting…Watch Out…The Software Sucks on this device.

I have 4 WCO all recording to the SD in the cam on scheduled event recording. Set for 30 days, no cooldown period, max length for each event video set at 2 min. Front cam has 55% last charge 7-2-21, East cam 87% last charged 7-25-21, films the parade of raccoons and cats every night, Back cam has 83% last charge 6-23-21, West cam 88% last charge 7-16-21. Three of the cams have a full 3 bar signal and one has a 2 bar signal. If you WI-FI signal is low you’ll have problems. Furthest cam is 45 feet from the base, one is at 40 feet, one at 35 feet and one at 15 Feet.

I’m having the same issue. I have 4 cameras which I’ve had for 8 months and every so often the batteries will start draining at around 20% per day vs 2% per day when working correctly. Seems like a software and/or firmware bug.
Super frustrating.

That’s what I’m thinking as well, two days after my post they went back to normal battery wise (did also stop kicking on the infrareds all night which def was the drain) but then stopped recording any activity once dark

Thank you! They have returned to normal with the battery but right after, they stopped recording activity after dark. It’s been about two weeks and I’m still at 57% for the closest cam, farthest at 73%. I have a wifi mesh system (2 extra satellite bases to be placed anywhere to extend signal in poor quality areas) so wifi has only failed if a wifi base gets bumped and unplugged but even then usually another base will just pick it up and run slower since it’s farther. The woc seem to be the only ones having any issues ever, well besides my pans which refuse to update and ask everyday lol

That’s what’s funny, I always forget that originally when we first got them, they were a pain always disconnecting and we’d have to walk out in front of those cams to reconnect as everything was strong both wifi to its base and to wifi (always 2-3 bars)… it seemed to just be the cams not wanting to work but everything else was perfect.

Why don’t they record after dark ? My cams are on scheduled event recording, night vision set to Auto, IR lights on. This cam is on the critter freeway, last night I got 5 raccoon videos, 6 cat videos and 4 possum videos, battery down 2% from the day before. This video from a few days ago recorded in SD night vision on IR lights on. I’m going to set the cam to HD tonight. Cam is 38 feet from the base on the West side of the house. Added the cat video.

Absolutely no idea!! It was recording at night before the battery drain, and I’d get an occasional skunk or raccoon, once a deer even jumped into my fenced yard but since the drain and it was so wonky shooting infrared lights for no reason it wasn’t recording those either, which usually always recorded as motion every time the infrareds lit. The settings are the same as always, but I can go days with zero recordings on the these two (which is impossible) as we have dogs who go potty with a person outside and the closest cam faces my back door… auto on infrareds, night vision on.

To get the best action on the WCO you have to have the motion crossing the PIR Area. Attached is the settings for the cam that took those videos above. The red line I drew on it shows where the face of the cam is pointing, the yellow line is the direction that the critters travel on the freeway. The raccoons always stop and look at the cam because they can see the IR lights.

I have the same issue. Outdoor cam used to go literally 3-4 weeks between needing charging. It went from 20% to 1% in just a couple of days after the last firmware update. Very frustrating!!