Battery on outdoor camera

is any one have issues on the battery life, I have two in different homes and one is on a front door and the battery won’t last but 3 days, what can I do?

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I would see if you can find some help in the following thread, WYZE is working with people to actively troubleshoot battery issues

Battery on outdoor cam lasts for about 3 weeks. This is indoors with the infrared turned off and with very little activity and fixed normal temperature. If your camera cannot be easily removed for frequent recharging, this is not for you.

I’m getting around 2 months or so on mine. So that’s 8+ weeks. Which is just fine for me. These are temp anyway until I end up putting some PoE cameras over on the far side of my house. It’s a little more involved running Ethernet cable over there where I need it and now get tampered with.

Have had mine for about 3 mo. Still only get about 1 mo. Of battery charge.
Again, thats with the lights off and no function at night.

Strange. I have everything turned on. I can see great at night. It detects me when I go in front of it just fine. If you’re always looking at the video of what it sees for a long period of time you can drain the battery much faster. Battery-powered cameras really aren’t meant to be used like that. Powered up and running will drain them down. They should normally be in a sleep mode and power up when it senses motion and start recording and then power back down once again. If you’re always watching the video, that’s going to be an issue. In which cases you need a camera that has power going to it always.

Maybe there is something wrong with the camera otherwise? I have a second outside Wyze camera I haven’t mounted yet, but it seems to last quite some time also. I just have it sitting inside of the house for now until I figure out the best place to mount it. I can see the red light pattern in front of that once also. It see’s great in the dark also and the battery seems to be holding up for quite some time also.

I don’t know what else could be wrong with you’re. Either you’re watching video from it all the time or it’s defective?

Have found that the only way I can get the outdoor cam to work for longer than 3 weeks before the battery dies is to set it up IN the house, turn the infrared lights off and aim the unit at the wall so that it sees nothing. How long the battery will last in this way is still uncertain. Still in progress. Sent a note to Wyze… NO response

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Again, strange as I’m getting around 8 weeks or so with night vision on. It is running on batteries, so if you’re watching the cameras all the time you’ll drain them faster as they should normally be in a low power mode, basically sleeping. Maybe your camera is seeing a lot of movement and that is keeping it on a whole lot? Trees moving in the wind?. I have 2 of these and they burn have a pretty long battery life.

It is rather strange. My lights are all off … night vision off. It is picking up no movement as it is pointed at a wall (indoors).

Does leaving a batt cam plugged into an std 110 v electrical outlet negatively effect the batteries life span of the battery?

I believe it can although I am not an expert. I think the main reason they don’t like it is it creates a spot water can get in