Battery Life drain

I recently bought an outdoor camera from Homedepot. Before I used it, the battery was charged fully but it was last long one day. I can not keep charging every day, so anyone can help what should I do.

It sounds like the camera is in live view all the time. When viewing live view, the battery will only last about a day and no motion events will register. I would recommend checking out the thread below as it has some good troubleshooting info relating to the battery life.

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How many times does the camera record and/or live-stream in one day? Both of those will use alot of battery power.

Definitely should get more then a day. I had received my camera back at the end of July, Still running off that initial charge. Down to about 30%. That’s including playing around with it inside before taking it out and mounting it outside after a few days.


I have only had to charge my cameras twice (including when I got the cameras). As I said before, the live-stream takes up alot of battery power.

Welcome to the group! Lots of good suggestions above as to what uses battery the most. I was wondering, how do you use the camera?

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