About three weeks ago I purchased the WYZE outdoor cam bundle. Have had nothing but trouble and and answers from support that did not address issues, so thought I would try here.
Two big issues:

  1. Battery use: I start with a battery that is charged 100%. About 8 hours later
    battery is down to about 10%. This is WITHOUT using speak, listen record,motion, sound,timelapse,motion tagging,scheduled recording.
    In other word camera is on, that’s it.
    Have tried variations of screen resolutions 3060p sd hd etc.
    Still max about 8 hours
    What basic settings are optimum to getting me through a full day?
  2. Recordings: I do a scheduled recording for one hour, check back after one hour
    and there is only a screen print of what was there when I started

I have a Wyze card installed in camera
Thank you

There are some other threads addressing this but the intended use is about 3~5 PIR motion detect events triggering a 12 second recording per day. The camera goes to sleep (low power) between events.

  • Streaming the camera will deplete the battery in about 8 hours.

  • Making a time lapse (which you didn’t) for 5 seconds over 5 hours (at night) will consume about 85% of the battery.

  • Having IR lamps ON consumes power.

I’m sure there is more others can add but yes, battery use in an issue.


I would consider it a home run right now to be able use for 24 hours without recharging.
Please keep this in mind I use no settings. Have my 12dollar WYZE card installed in camera.
Charge camera 100%, Turn on.
No motion., no record, no speak,…nothing.
Look at image twice over 8 hour period for about 5minutes.
After 8 hours over 90% of battery used
Recharge, start again.
When the camera is off it uses 1% a day!!!

Funny, I’m having the same problem. Longest life so far 12 days down to 2%. Wyze support said should get 15 to 20 clips a day for normal rated battery life. With current placement I get maybe 10 clips one day, sometimes none. It only catches people on the front porch, nothing else. No IR use, no continuous recording. Practically speaking it is just on.

Totally in awe of you.
You actually went over 8 hours with a used feature.
Better not tell anyone, might have given you one that worked!!!

I would post your issues in the thread I linked below, @WyzeDongsheng has been helping people troubleshoot in that thread.

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