Outdoor cam battery -- is this normal?

I received my Outdoor cam on August 12 and charged it up fully before installing it outside a day or two later. It has functioned as advertised since that time (I think). Today I had to take it down to recharge the battery because the app said the battery was down to 8%. So in (almost) one month the battery went from 100% to 8%. Is this normal/expected/as advertised? Maybe I should mention that the camera is perhaps 100’ from the hub, and that I have very seldom checked its picture on the app.

Is the camera recording a lot?
Mine is still on the original charge.


I guess it depends on how we define “normal”. Everyone isn’t going to get the same results. Live streaming the outdoor cam frequently and excessive motion events will drain the battery faster.

I’m still on the first charge 77% which was installed on August 6th. That’s over 5 weeks so I’m happy with mine.

If the outdoor cam isn’t holding a charge like it should, I recommend starting a support ticket with customer support.

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With normal use, the Wyze Cam Outdoor’s rechargeable battery should last 3-6 months before recharging.

Tips for better battery life:

  • View the Live Stream only as needed.
  • Use Scheduled Recording sparingly.
  • Use Time Lapse sparingly.
  • Place the camera in a low traffic area if Motion Detection is enabled.
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my battery lasts about a month or so if i’m not messing with it too much. for reference mine records 30 to 40 events a day, and i don’t allow it to do anything else (such as scheduled recordings)

when i first set it up and was live streaming it a lot i only got about 2 weeks out of the battery.

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I experienced 29% battery usage over a period of 10 days with 180 event clips, two short-term time-lapse videos, and two time-lapse videos recorded over an 8 hour period. Based on all my experimentation, I expect the battery to last 30 days based on 20 to 30 event Clips per day and occasional live viewing.

If you feel you may be having battery issues you could also try posting in the link below where WYZEDongsheng has been working with people to troubleshoot