Outdoor Cam Short Life

After 1 charge my outdoor cam failed. it will not charge. I was just informed by Wyze support that the lifespan of the outdoor cam battery is 3 to 6 months. Battery cannot be replaced! That makes it a throw away and waste of money after 3 months. Do not waste your money on this product. I have been an early
adopter and a advocate of Wyze products - but no more. They failed my trust and made look like me a fool.

Wrong. Charge of battery last 3-6 months depending on usage, then you recharge it. If yours won’t charge when plugged in there is a problem but they are not throw away and are rechargeable.


I believe you may have misunderstood the explanation given by support. The rechargeable battery will last about 3 to 6 months. The camera can be recharged again after that time as @stock28 said. Plug the included cable into the USB A connection on the base, then connect the other end to the port on the back of the WCO. You should see a flashing, then red light.

The reason the outdoor cam is defective is that when recharged, it drains to zero in less than 30 minutes from a 100% charge. This is the first time I have attempted to recharge. The initial charge lasted several weeks. I called Wyze support this morning and was told that the life of the battery. is 3 to 6 months and therefore they will not replace my camera.

Sounds like the CS rep does not know what they’re talking about. Wyze products are warranted for 12 months and I see no exclusion for batteries.

I can confirm that the battery should last 3-6 months per charge and then be recharged. May I please have your support ticket number for QA purposes?


I was not given a ticket number.

Contact support again. There was definitely some miscommunication / misunderstanding. My WCO’s are lasting 3-4 months on a charge, and one is currently running on it’s 2nd charge.

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*Please note: All Wyze employees off Dec 24/25 and Dec 31/Jan 1.

I recharged mine just fine, I found no such restriction. I am able to recharge my cam in about 20 minutes to full charge, then back in business for another 3 months… I don’t understand this comment about throw-away. It’s not.

I would contact support again and see if you get better results, the battery itself should last 3 to 6 months between charges. If they tell you the same thing again ask them for a ticket number and post it here.

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