Wyze outdoor cam problem

I have a Wyze outdoor cam, I fully charge it and disconnect it within 24 hours battery power is down to 3%. I plug it back in and after three hours or so it starts to charge up again. I guess the battery is bad,? Is the battery replaceable? Thanks for the help

If you aren’t live streaming 24/7, then the battery may be bad. An Outdoor camera is meant for battery use, so typically it would sit quietly waiting for the PIR motion sensor to wake it up to record something. Then it would go back to sleep until the next wake-up. If you live stream you would be constantly draining the battery, and it wouldn’t last long.

If you aren’t constantly streaming, then you should call Wyze Support for a replacement. They are at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT. The battery is not user-serviceable.

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When the battery gets low the next time, BEFORE you charge it, take a screen shot of the battery usage stats page and post that here so we can see what thatll tell us as for as what the camera is doing.


Other battery drains are: “Night Vision IR Lights” and Time Lapse. I have one facing the front yard & street where there is a lot of foot traffic. At 97 days (after full charge) it’s @ 37% battery w/ 5 h 25 m Events uploaded & 55 min of Live Stream.

Battery replaceable? no, would void warranty. Outdoor Cam, is Battery User Replaceable - #22 by angus.black