Outdoor Cam, is Battery User Replaceable

Is the Outdoor Cam Battery user replaceable. If not what is the life expectancy of the battery.


No, the battery isn’t replaceable. Not sure about the life expectancy. Someone else can chime in if they know.

That is disappointing. As rechargeable batteries life is affected by temperature and a finite number of charge cycles.

It would be interesting to see the lifecycle of the battery used. Being in Arizona, when Summer time temps are often in excess or 110F.

Today’s high is forecast to be 111F. Most auto batteries only last 3 years in this environment.

So I am just wondering how often the camera’s will have to be replaced. (Or if somebody comes up with a hack on how to crack the case and replace the batteries.

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In the AMA they mentioned something like a typical lithium ion battery can do 500 charge cycles before you see noticible performance decrease. Assuming you charge once every 3 months that’s like 10 year battery life span in theory. Not sure about the temperature effects.


I think that once every 3 months is very optimistic, from what I read on the Product pages.
Just think this should be a replaceable part. Just saying…

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.

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Once a month would still be ~3.5 years.

You can probably cut that down to 2 years in extreme heat and cold climates.

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I would think it would be good for at least 3.5 years. I charge my phone all the time and it still has a usable charge after 2-3 years.

You don’t leave your phone in -40 or +100 degree weather.

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I was hoping it would have been AA batteries like the blink. That way downtime is just the time it takes you to swap out batteries. Now how long will it take to charge the camera… few hours? Then you have to go and remount it?

Also, i wonder how it will be attached to the mount? Like the Arlos with magnet, easy to put on and take off…

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I can’t believe it has two batteries and you can’t swap them in and out for charging to avoid having to dismount the camera…

True but I would charge it at least 30 times more often.

And if I’ve got an outdoor mount high enough to be out of the reach of bad actors … I’m thinking that re-charging every 3 months will require a lot of time involving a ladder. Winter could be a challenge.

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That’s true. I charge my phone every night.

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What’s the “value proposition” here? Wyze is know for blowing away the competition on price. The new WOC is apparently $50 plus $10 required shipping. A Blink is about $89 with free shipping. Is that enough to, sorry for the expression, “move the needle”?

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It’s a fair value from my perspective, assuming that I can figure out the “convenience-ladder” issue. Maybe a mount outside a window.

It’s not a bad price, it’s just not a shock the world $25 decent 1080p camera price. Instead of 1/10 the price of the competition (90% less), it’s more like 30% less. Still a nice deal if this is the kind of battery only product you are looking for.

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Yes, I think that’s a fair and accurate summary. And ironically, maybe the WOC is a better fit indoors at least until we know more about battery life and re-charging.

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Fine good luck charging every month. It says 3 months but we all know in real life that ain’t; going to be. Make sure you have that ladder handy and hope no one breaks in in the 5 hours it takes to charge

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(Disclaimer: I’m old, retired, and don’t have many things better to do than tinker (farting?) around with electronic widgets.)

So, I am an early orderer of the Wyze Outdoor Cam.
The first thing I am going to do is test it to see how it works.
The second thing I am going to do is tear it apart to see what’s inside.
Many electronic devices that claim to not to have user replaceable batteries have batteries that are easily replaced by minimal soldering or by substituting a similar battery.

I will let you know if I think it is practical to replace the battery.

(Yeah, I know, God forgive, I will void my warranty.