Battery replacement for cameras with Batteries

Are replacement batteries for the Outdoor camera available soon?

All the cameras with rechargeable batteries should allow for battery replacement considering that one of mine hold only 47% charge after being charged for two full days and lasts only a few weeks.

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This response is what is known as a deflection. It is NOT an answer to the question asked. Furthermore it is from the forum moderator who knows it is not an answer but who might know something about replacement batteries. I’m looking for info on replacement batteries, so a response of this nature only makes it more difficult to find out what I guess to be the case…Wyze wants to sell me a new camera, but not a new battery.

Just an FYI, this was a wish request which got approved. The OP needs to add there vote to the wish requested.

As for answering the question in the wish: the current outdoor battery cameras is a fixed unit without a replaceable battery. Individuals would need to take the camera apart which would void the warranty.

Also, I am a community Volunteer and not a Wyze employee. I cannot speak for Wyze and have no knowledge of when or if a replacement battery would be available.