Outside camera battery is garbage on one of mine

I have two Wyze outside cameras. One of the batteries is lasting about a week and needs recharging. I do set it up so only a portion is what I need monitoring. Other camera which is in a high traffics area lasts much longer. I’m not here to charge camera every week. It was ordered when it first was offered. I don’t have the box to send it back so I’m SOOL. BUMMER!!

Under warranty? Contact support for a replacement.


Wyze Support has extended their live support hours for a better support experience. (Excluding Holidays & Emergencies)

Speak with a Live Support Wizard: 1 (206) 339-9646 or 1 (844) 999-3226


Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT


Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

Problem is I don’t have original package they say is a must when returning.

Did you actually speak to someone at support? Requiring original packaging is unreasonable unless the cameras are DOA. As long as they are packaged in adequate materials should be fine. Otherwise, ask them to send the new camera and that you will use that packaging to return the defective one or ask for packing materials.

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