How Long the Battery Life Can Last?

Just bought WYZE Cam Outdoor. Its Cam battery is rechargeable. However, I am wondering what the whole life the battery can last after multiple recharges? Also if the battery eventually used up, is the battery replaceable?


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Unfortunately the battery’s are not replaceable.

I do not have any experience with batterys loosing memory or not being able to be charged fully so I’ll let others comment on that. But the charge life of these cameras should last a while depending on usage, so you’ll maybe have just a handful of charges per year.

I have about a year left before this one dies. Only down to 91 % after 46 days. Lol. Motion detection not enabled and never live view.

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If it was a quality Lion battery like found in your smartphone it should last between 1200 - 1800 charges roughly. At about 1000 charges you start noticing that the smartphone battery doesn’t hold up like it used to and it continues to degrade from there.


So since WYZE uses cheaper batteries I would figure 500-1000 charges maximum before it is just a paper-weight. Some have had bad luck with the batteries in their WCO cams and have got even shorter lifespans.

There are a lot of posts on the forum about WCO’s not taking a charge, bad batteries etc. just do a search.

When the batteries begin needing charged more often than usual the battery is approaching the end of it’s lifespan and soon will not even take a charge after a bit of time after that.

The life of your particular Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) is on your luck at receiving one that has a better battery than those posting their WCO only lasted 1-2 years and now doesn’t take a charge.

The rule is about 3 years,we have solar panels on all of ours due to a lot are at remote sites

Thanks guys for the quick replies

Your welcome, that’s with any rechargeable battery