Longevity of outdoor cameras

Well I can’t seem to get the rechargeable camera to live for over a year…
My latest was my outdoor camera will charge…but discharged within the day…
My outdoor plugs won’t pick up wifi…trued to delete them … They won’t work at all…

I put 4 Version 1 WCO in service on 4 November 2020 and they all still charge to 100%. I usually bring them in when they they to 40% and charge them which is usually 7-8 weeks. If I do scheduled event recordings to the SD in the cam they will last about 6 weeks. I charge them with the supplied 5V 2 A power adapter and I have never turned them off to charge, I just turn off the event recording and the scheduled event recording. A low Wi-Fi signal will drain the cams fast, at least 2 bars is best, base is connected via ethernet.


You Are Just Lucky that the batteries have lasted that long :grin:

Not necessarily. Correct me if I am wrong, but WCO use lithium based batteries. Lithium based batteries don’t like to be discharged below 40%, hence @Antonius schedule of recharging has kept them alive for so long. Also they don’t like to stay charged at 100% for long time. Another issue they have is they don’t charge well below 0 degrees celsius, most of the time they die if charged when they are that cold. I’m not talking about environment temperature, but battery temperature. Ask me how I know. They like to be warm, just like us humans :rofl:

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Agreed, Antonius does live in an area with the right temperatures all year, rarely if ever gets down to freezing.

Unfortunately, that is the limitation of the battery technology this days :no_good_man:

The :raccoon: water bowl only formed ice on it twice this year. It does get to 29 or 30* F here some mornings but it is for a short period of the early morning.

Since they brought out the solar panel for this camera, would someone tell me why it can’t be powered by a USB charger? Come on Wyze, you are losing your credibility on the outside cams. Your cams need PIR detection for anything outside. This cam has it so quit messing about and make this system somewhat acceptable.

You can power it continuously with a usb cable if you desire, but you will need to either purchase the adapter that is included with a solar panel or find some other way to water proof the connection. It will also degrade the battery very quickly.

The WCO is much more expensive and is crippled compared to a v3 or OG.

I dislike PIR sensors, and find camera motion detection with AI filters to be much more reliable.

But there are some wishlist posts for PIR sensor modules if you would like to vote for those.