WCO, 50% battery after full charging 2 weeks ago

I fully charged the battery 2 weeks ago. The WCO captures about 25 - 30 clips a day. I occasionally check the live feed as well, some days I do not. I do not utilize the night vision. I actived Person detection when I noticed the option earlier this week.

I have a Ring Doorbell camera that picks up 15 to 20 clips a day. The battery lasts about 90 days per charge before I am alerted to recharge it.

My battery life is also atrocious. When I first got the WCO, after charging for 12 hours the battery lasted one day before sinking to 10%. Mind you I have installed it facing my front door so it does not detect anything but someone at the door. Maybe get two trips a day so it’s not overworked for sure
Recharged again overnight lasted for two days. Recharged it again and the battery has lasted for four days and is only down to 85%. I don’t know, maybe after the 20th charge it will perform as advertised. I contacted support on August 18th and received a ticket within a day. It is now August 24th and no answer from them. I wish they would put out a complete operating manual on these cameras. It would cut down the activity on this site in half.

I created a dedicated thread for battery life. Pls see if this is helpful.

I typically get a full recharge (<10% to 100%) in around six hours. Battery life, varies greatly based on amount of live viewing, recordings and motion detection, which makes sense. I have three, ranging from early test model to just released production cam. I posted results of a live view test on the production model which involved a steady live stream, indoor lighting and moderate traffic with only Motion events and got about 12 hours from 100%to 7%. Will try again with just event driven viewing.

**Edited-Just saw @WyzeDongsheng‘s post. That’s very useful. Thanks!!

I am already down to 35%, 15% in 24 hours.

I need to look into Wyzes guarantee on this. I think anything less than 90 days in a moderate traffic area is not realistic.

I am tempted to purchase a portable solar charger at this point to keep it charged.

In other words, if you don’t use it the three to six months would be doable.

the battery life is under normal use, daily clips of 10-20.

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I used the Base and the provided cable to recharge the battery, from 30% to 100%, took about 3 hours. I will see if the source of the charge makes a difference. It should not as I have a USB Hub and use very good cables. I charge all my other devices there, they charge as well as if charging directly from a factory wall plug.

My hope was to not have to remove the camera so I do not have to readjust it after charging. I have a 20k power bank that we take on trips, and it also charges our devices as well as anything else.

Well, it has been 10 days and the WCO went below 70%.

At this pace I am seeing a consistent 30 day recharge cycle.

I will most likely purchase a solar power bank charger. A little bit of putty should protect the connection port.

I envy you. I still haven’t gotten the results desired. The best was 8 days to 20%, taking maybe two clips a day. I am using IR at night, so one source of drain. Very disappointing