How do you interpret WCO Battery Usage Summary?

The battery usage summaries on my x4 Outdoor Cams are showing me some wacky data.

For example, one of my cams is showing 56 minutes of live stream, 16 minutes of events, 13 minutes of filtered events, and 6 minutes of MicroSD recordings.

I viewed my live stream for maybe 2 minutes today, have had x2 uploaded 10-second events, and have never put an SD card in the camera or scheduled a recording or time-lapse.

Are these figures totals over the life of the camera or just for the day?

This is a good question. The data for one of my 4 WCO that I just looked at appears to be correct. I am doing scheduled event recording to the SD in the Cam. I’ll have to look at the others. The events uploaded 5 Min. I believe are the 12 second clips that go to WYZE server. The camera records as long as there is motion to the SD so the SD has a lot more longer events on it.

I have never scheduled recording before so that’s odd to me that it shows I did. I have never watched this particular cam’s live stream more than 15 minutes total since I installed the cam either.

I checked my other three cams and they look similar except for one that barely ever sees motion events.

Hopefully a Wyze associate can chime in and explain how they come by these numbers.

Yes it would be nice know what the data represents and from when to when? Another of my cams also on scheduled event recording. Looks more accurate than the first one I posted.

Thanks for sharing your specs, I guess they are not far off from mine after you account for the fact that you record to an SD card and I don’t.

I’ll try getting a support ticket going since nobody else seems to have any input.

I reviewed my specs and they seem pretty spot on per how I use the cam.

I will say I am impressed with the summer battery life. 18% drop in a month since last charge, way better than in the past.

I could be wrong but I think the stats account from the time of the last full charge?

That’s a great observation and you’re probably right about specs being taken since the last full charge. That would make sense.

I have one cam on battery power and the other three are on solar panels. The battery powered cam’s usage specs look normal but the three on solar panels have weird numbers. It may be because I haven’t taken them down and fully charged them in a long time.

The only thing I can’t explain now is why it shows recording time to the SD card when I don’t have SD cards installed in any of the cameras.

Just a thought as I don’t know for sure. Maybe the app doesn’t account for all the SD attributes? Do you have an SD in the base and backup to base turned on?

I do have SD cards in the bases and Backup to Base turned on. In the Battery Usage Screen, it says “Time Lapse, Scheduled Recording” below Micro SD Card Recordings which leads me to believe they are referring to recordings to the SD card in the camera.

Yea, just my best guess :slight_smile:

I looked at my other WCO and the numbers seems spot on as well except the Battery aspect. I have no clue when I charged it last (except I know it’s been awhile, more than 90 days) and it says 8 days ago… could be because I haven’t charged it since this feature has been available?

Oh WOW… My iPhone 12 says 8 days ago and my Android says 69 days ago… hmmmm



Thats a great guess though!

I seem to remember all my cameras saying they were charged “yesterday” after the update containing the Battery Usage Summary.

The difference between your Android and Apple is pretty weird though. It seems they have a lot of issues with these cameras interfacing with Androids.

Truth be told… Since I have both platforms. iPhone 12 Max and Samsung Note 10+ my user experience with the WYZE app has been much better on the Android device… give or take a few weeks of notification issues with Android a few months back.

I did notice when you first launch that utility it flashes TODAY as the last full charge and quickly jumps to a different time. I tried to get a screen shot but it was faster refresh than I could capture

Interesting. I did notice that notifications have gotten much better recently.

I just pulled the battery usage on one of my other cams that doesn’t see more than one event per day and found this:

37mins of SD recordings and again with no SD card in the cam and no scheduled recordings or time-lapses ever setup.

Just submitted a log and contacted support. We’ll see what they say.

Interested in the findings… I see you have the Beta Tester tag, there was a FW update yesterday but I don’t see it in the Beta forum not sure if it was a prod release or not. Did you update? I would maybe take the discussion to the Beta Forums. I have yet to get a response to sending a log. Sometime you can get a devs attention there and provide a log number.

This issue was occurring before I joined Beta so I’m assuming it’s a broader issue. I did update the cams and bases the other day and haven’t noticed anything different. I wish they would share what the Beta updates are trying to accomplish.

I have to take the SD out of this cam today and check it out. The battery has gone down almost 30% in 8 -9 days. The SD has 2.4 GB of data on it . I think it is recording this apricot tree every time a leaf or branch moves :upside_down_face:


Well here’s where my ticket ended up. I can’t tell if it’s a canned response or not.


Canned. A log is different than a support ticket. WYZE generally does not respond to the logs.

1, Create a support ticket online or Call
2. Reference the log for WYZE Support to deep dive

WYZE Support Number
(206) 339-9646
Normal hours, available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Support Ticket

My SD had 1.88 GB of data, and 1,791 files all jpeg and event videos of the apricot tree blowing in the wind. Charged up the battery while I had the cam down and just left it to do normal 12 sec recordings for a while. I really need to find a better place for that cam. And yes the battery usage chart/data information does start again after a full charge I just checked it.

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I did start a support ticket, they sent me a generic reply to the log submission separately. The ticket number at the top of the email is different than the log ID I sent them too.