WCO Optimal Config for Use Case Question AND Base vs WCO SD Cards?

Hi - I have two Wyze Cams v2 and I’m considering buying a WCO. My use case is as follow; I use the two indoor cameras to keep an eye on an elderly person. Now with the weather warming up, I would like to add a camera to the outside porch to make sure this elderly person is OK when they are out on their porch/deck. Two questions;

  1. Since the WCO runs on a battery, I totally understand live streaming is not realistic, but it seems like a very unique configuration is needed to achieve a decent battery life. Considering my use case; I just want to know if this elderly person is out on their deck, and that they’re OK, what would my ideal config be on the WCO to achieve decent battery life? Time lapse with 1 minute intervals? Only motion detection? I would be OK purchasing this camera if it only needed to be recharged every 30 days.

  2. I loaded up my v2 cameras with 32GB storage cards because I wanted to be able to roll back video. All good. But I am TOTALLY confused as to a) what is recorded on the MicroSD cards on the WCO and the base station, and b) what is the difference (I think there is a difference) between what is recorded on the WCO storage card, and the base station storage card.

Lastly, half of this deck is covered by a roof, and there is power available. Maybe my best option would be to just go with the new v3. The only drawback to the v3 would be cosmetic as the cord would need to hang down the wall. And from a security perspective, if you don’t subscribe to cloud storage, someone could just take the camera with them and you would not have any video evidence of malicious behavior.


I Have 4 outdoor cams and they work for my use but If I were you I would get the V3. If you don’t want to pay for the cam plus just get the camera, you will still get 12 second clips recorded to the cloud for free and retained for 14 days. The only draw back is without cam plus there is a cooldown time between recordings with either cam. The WCO is a lot easier to steal than a V3 that has the base screwed onto the wall. Screw the wall cosmetics.