Outdoor Cam, is Battery User Replaceable

I have to be honest, Im not happy with the Blink i have outdoors in a tree about 30-40 feet from the house. Seemed to work great until we upgraded to a fancy mesh router system, now it doesn’t give me notifications and takes forever to connect when I want to look at it. If Blink at $50 can outdo that, I’m sold, just the batteries situation is questionable.

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The battery could be rebuilt.
Take a look at internal photos here:



Hah, neatly plugged and everything.


All we need is the Radio Shack part number. Or the modern eBay equivalent… :grinning:

Thanks for the tip! Now I won’t have to tear my new outdoor cam apart as soon as I get it.
Similar battery packs are available from Banggood, AliExpress, and eBay.
Anyone with minimal technical skills should be able to make the change. I’m sure this can be easily hacked to provide an external battery for those who need to leave their camera for a long time.

Yes … I think you are right. While it’s neat to see all the comments on spare batteries, that’s more fooling around than I want. My current Wyse is outside, mounted in a case and has a power line. Been running that way pretty well for months. It’s not perfect but the WOC probably isn’t enough better for me. Maybe if I can power the WOC, but not with batteries.

When yo tear down the Outdoor can, check if Wyze uses conforming coating on their pcb. Of which, is for outdoor application…

Why do they give you two batteries if you can’t swap them out or does it take two batteries to power the unit?

It’s two batteries in one pack.

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That is some tricky marketing…lol

I don’t know why they even mentioned two batteries. It is an irrelevant feature.

It’s a game camera! :grinning:

Not a good one.
A game camera uses replaceable batteries.

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Wouldn’t that be two cells in one battery? :wink:

It’s two cells in one battery pack. Each cell could be replace separately.
A multicell battery, like the one used to start a car, has to replaced as a unit.

Stupid marketing crap! Saying it’s two batteries is totally irrelevant to the consumer.


But there’s 4 wires on that connector

Yes, two battery circuits. I think, one powers the PIR continually and the other does everything else.

First glance at the marketing material one would think that there are two batteries as like the Arlo cameras so that you can swap them out when one gets low and then they are recharged on the base station. This system is weak from the standpoint that one must remove the camera in order to charge it leaving an area not covered by the camera for whatever the charging period may be, This is not acceptable to use on unattended properties where you are not there to charge the unit. Not a good unit in a highly traveled area either. With 10-20 hits a day the battery is said to last 3-6 months respectively so with 30-40 hits per day this unit is short lived maybe 30 days before charging. Not knowing what a trigger may be to trip the sensor it is difficult to project how sensitive the camera may be. Also the camera should be mounted out of reach so it does not get stolen or destroyed or removed to avoid detection. This means a ladder is needed for charging purposes and must be brought out the second time to reinstall the camera. In winter conditions this could prove troublesome. There is a market for a unit like this but it is a small market. More of a novelty than a serious surveillance/security camera.


I rather doubt this product is even remotely targeted at the “serious” surveillance and security markets. And actually if you look at the non “serious” market it is actually orders of magnitude larger than the “serious” market in terms of units sold.

So I think Wyze will be very happy with the market response. Judging by the fact that their previous products, none of which would satisfy a “serious” consumer, have sold millions of units they will do well. Time and the market will decide in the end. :slightly_smiling_face:

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