Outdoor Picture at Night - Unviewable

Hello - My outdoor Cams at night are basically un-viewable due to being so dark. If I view my internal cam’s at night (pitch black in the house) I can make everything out - However, the outdoor cams are basically a black mess. I tried cycling through all the various options but the picture gets no better. Interestingly, when I do cycle round the modes and get to night mode again - I do get a a good grey picture of the area for maybe a second then - right back to black. Do we have a bug here - anyone else seeing the same thing?

Mine is the same. Day or night picture quality on the Outdoor Cam is crap compared to the V2.

Well good to hear I am not alone - Sad to hear we have this problem, along with the detection issues… I love Wyze A LOT - But I am starting to look at other options - as the challenges are starting to outweigh my desire to get things fixed.