How to Replace the Normal with a Wide Angle Lens (or other)

I wanted a wider angle street view from my Wyze V2. Youtube has a video about swapping the Wyze lens.: “Wyze Camera Lens Swap” Wyze Camera Lens Swap - YouTube

Total disclaimer: If you screw your camera up, don’t blame me.
It’s not very difficult but beware: You could screw your camera up and void any warranty, but it’s not a big risk.

There actually is an easier way than the Youtube Video: There is a small hole above the lens in the plastic ring that covers the 4 IR LEDs. There is nothing immediately behind this hole. (! there is a tiny microphone under the tiny hole underneath the lens!) Insert a small L or J hook into this hole and pry upwards until the plastic ring snaps out. Remove the small rubber “thingy” around the lens. You will now be able to unscrew the Wyze lens. There is a small amount of glue on the lens thread. You will have to use a pair of pliers to get enough torque to break the bond. You will probably scratch the lens holder. (So what? You’re replacing it.) Now you have done it once, lenses will be easy to change.

The lens I bought was on Amazon for $11.49

I had to screw this lens all of the way in, then back-out about 1&½ turns to focus.
The last few turns were very tight and I had to use pliers.

“Crazepony RunCam RC21 FPV Camera Lens 2.1mm FOV 165 Degree Wide Angle for Runcam Swift 2 Camera” Available from Amazon and other sources.
Wyze Camera Lens Swap Wyze Camera Lens Swap - YouTube

I am posting normal and wide-angle pictures.
An unexpected effect was: The bit rate of the camera almost doubled to 200+ KB/s.
I guess that’s because of more pixels changing in the wider view.

This the pick I used.



The vignetting is not from the lens. It is because the frame edges of the small window it’s mounted on is within the 170 degrees field of view. I am looking for a 150-degree FOV lens.


Very cool! Thanks for posting! It is so helpful to see real working results! :slightly_smiling_face:

I like your method much better than this one - which seemed way more involved!°Wide-Angle-Ismart-Camera-Length/dp/B082NN7LR2/

I’m actually interested in getting more zoom for driveway distance coverage, so maybe something like these? ( at least according to one of the answered questions on Amazon )