Focusing camera

Long story short. I ran into a replacement camera lens for wyze cameras that can replace the 110° lens (currently installed on either v1 or v2) with a 170° lens.

Nice option… Reading some of the reviews, a post mentioned that he can adjust the focus a bit by easily twisting the lense until he was happy.

Which brings me to my original question…lol
I have a camera that’s approximately 100 ft away from a spare garage. Is it possible to adjust the field of vision where I can narrowly focus on that garage so that I don’t
have to manually zoom in when I view a video playback/live stream. I find when I zoom in it gets quite blurry.

I think the only way you could get a zoom view that’s clear would be to change the lens to a higher magnification. That way it would be clear, but narrower. Someone else here did that and had really nice magnification.

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Do you recall what tag words they used so I can locate the topic or post. Thank you very much.

Try this one:


Nice. Thank you very much raym64 !

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