Does the Outdoor Wyze have a refocusable lens like the indoor/outdoorV3?

I am making bird cams and the lens needs to be refocused to be closer. Other earlier cameras had a threaded lens that could easily be unglued and reset to focus close. What about these battery operated Outdoor Wyze cameras. I am aware this voids the warranty but it is a powerful feature to get sharp images.


I’ve purchased one to mess around with. I can get a front panel off easily… but the panel directly surrounding the lens is permanently glued to the case. and there is a rubber surround around the lens, but it is pressured to swell from the inside with a metal plate. I imagine the lens is free to be threaded out, if it wasn’t for the squeezed rubber creating a huge amount of friction.

Dang. so close.

I did it! I believe there to be a small about of adhesive between the rubber and the lens. I took a needle and dipped it in oil and slowly worked my way around the lens. The rubber is about 1/2" thick. Eventually I could sweep the needle around the lens. Then I grabbed the lens with some needle nose pliers and it broke free and I could clumsily focus the lens with the pliers.