Wyze Cam v2 as a Bird Camera ❤️

I get so excited when I have visitors at my birdfeeder.


Now that’s what I call a bird’s eye view. Nice video thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, up close like that the video looks amazing and now it’s believable to be HD.

Sometimes when we’re looking at things really far away I think how it never seems to look as good as other HD shows on my TV, but when it’s this close the resolution looks great.


great…now I know what im going to be doing on the next nice day we have…

Yeah, I have a couple of spare V2s sitting on the shelf with nothing to do, until now. :wink:

That’s great! I have a modified for close focus old V2 in a birdhouse. I’ve loved watching the process of a Wren building her nest inside, and now she’s tending her eggs. here’s a clip:


I am looking for some help. I installed a Wyze v3 camera in my bluebird house. It’s great but not in focus? I watched YouTube lens swap but don’t know where to get the new lens? Any ideas

Many times the person making the YouTube video provides a link to the lens they installed. Have you looked in the video description and any comments?

I haven’t torn down a V3 yet, but I have disassembled multiple V2’s to fix the foggy glass filter issue. Anyway, on a V2 (and I assume a V3 is the same as far as lens adjustment) there’s no need to replace the lens for close up focus in my bird house. The lens is threaded and just needs to be turned in or out a little bit (I forget which direction. The lens has a dab of hot glue or something on the threads that I peeled off. What I did was while the camera was out of the housing, I powered it up and sat it on a table with an object that had detail like writing on it about 6-8 inches away from the lens. Then while watching the feed in the app, I turned the lens until I was satisfied with the focus. On a V2 once the glue is gone and the lens is free to turn, it can then be adjusted anytime by popping the the dark trim around the lens ring off with a knife.

Set up the wyze v2 camera to live stream. using rtsp and OBS to stream to youtube.



Very cool live stream!

Impressive, never thought of using my Camera’s for Live Streaming. Was it hard to set up?

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no it wasnt. here are the steps

  1. https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026245231-Wyze-Cam-RTSP
  2. Install OBS studio (open source. no license)
  3. Create a stream key in youtube
  4. configure the rstp url and stream key in OBS studio
  5. you are live

Wow, simple enough. Thanks for the info, I am sure others will benefit from this as well.

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here is leon today bringing food for marcy. recorded by the camplus feature as an event.